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Welcome to our educational video series for dog owners!  
This program includes 20+ videos on key aspects of owning and living with dogs to help
dog lovers improve their relationship and lives with their furry companions.

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On this page you can purchase selected video presentations of important pet dog life skills.  When you purchase the video lectures will appear directly in your library, under the "Self Study classes" heading.  Please note there are no refunds on so please review all the information provided carefully before purchasing.

You will have access to these materials in your library for one year from the date of enrollment.   You can keep your library pass current by enrolling in at least one course or workshop a year.  Alternatively, you can purchase a library pass for $25 per year for as long as you wish to have access to prior class materials.  

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LS100: Preparing for new puppy: From Prep to Family Member

      Preparing For Puppy! Are you bringing home a new puppy? Or have you recently brought home a new-to-you family member? This course will cover what you nee...

Sara Brueske (Faculty)

LS105: Adopt an Adult Dog: From Prep to Family Member

      Adopt an Adult Dog! Do you have your eye on a dog in a shelter or rescue organization? Or have you recently brought home a new-to-you family member? This...

Sara Brueske (Faculty)

LS110: Building Puppy Confidence: Give Your Puppy the Gift of Optimism

      Building Puppy Confidence! Raising a puppy to do well in a human-centered world is a big challenge! And every puppy is a mix of easy and difficult traits...

Julie Daniels (Faculty)

LS115: Socializing a New Puppy: Prepare Your Dog for Life

      Socializing a New Puppy There's so much to do with a new addition to the family, and you've heard how important socialization is. Make sure your puppy me...

Laura VanArendonk Baugh (Guest Presentations )

LS120: How to House Train Your Dog: Plans and Problem Solving

      How to House Train Your Dog House training can be hard! We all want our dogs to learn, as quickly as possible, where they should go when nature calls. So...

Deborah Jones (Faculty)

LS125: Cooperative Care: How to Prepare Your Dog for Visits to the Vet & Groomer

      Cooperative Care Does your dog resist getting his nails trimmed? How does he feel about going to the vet’s office? Imagine how much easier it would be to...

Deborah Jones (Faculty)

LS130: Enrichment for Dogs: Ditch the Bowl, Better Their Life!

      Enrichment for Dogs Our dogs are thinking beings with agendas and opinions. Many behavior problems arise when we ignore this fact and attempt to treat th...

Sarah Stremming (Faculty)

LS135: Crate Training Dogs: Happy Crating for Life

      Crate Training Dogs Throughout your dog's life, there will be times when a crate is vital for his safety. A crate trained dog can easily travel, spend ti...

Sarah Stremming (Faculty)

LS140: Stop Leash Pulling: Multiple Methods to Loose Leash Walking

      Stop Leash Pulling Multiple Methods For Loose Leash Walking! Just as there are a multitude of great cookies recipes so are there many ways to teach and o...

Heather Lawson (Faculty)

LS145: Adolescent Dog Training: From Maddening to Maturity

      Adolescent Dog Training  Do you wonder where your once wonderful puppy went? And why has he turned into a sometimes maddening, unpredictable, maybe ...

Suzanne Clothier (Guest Presentations )

LS150: Get Your Dog to Stop Jumping On People: Teaching Polite Greetings

      Get Your Dog to Stop Jumping on People Imagine having a dog that doesn’t jump on people. When you have guests over, you can let the dog say hi knowing th...

Nicole Wiebusch (Faculty)

LS155: Sit, Down, Stay : Basic Obedience for the Pet Dog

      Sit, Down, Stay Wouldn’t it be nice if you could tell your dog to lie down when the doorbell rings and know your dog will stay there while you grab the b...

Nicole Wiebusch (Faculty)

LS160: The Dog Park Dog: Pros and Cons of Dog Parks for Your Dog

      The Dog Park Dog We all know that dogs need exercise to be happy and mentally stable. And let’s face it – what’s more fun than watching your dog frolic h...

Jennifer Summerfield, DVM (Guest Instructors)

LS165: How to Train Your Dog to Come: Reliable Recall Training

      How to Train Your Dog to Come Coming when called may well be the most important behavior your dog will ever learn: it'll keep your dog safe when she gets...

Chrissi Schranz (Faculty)

LS170: Teach Your Dog to Play: Developing Play: Skills for Relationship, Focus and Fun!

      Teach Your Dog to Play There is nothing more joyful then seeing a dog and their owner just playing... A dog and owner fully engaged in their own ‘littl...

Kamal Fernandez (Faculty)

LS175: Dog on the Go: Take Your Public Pooch Out and About

      Dog on the Go One of the greatest joys of owning a dog is involving that dog in your everyday life. A well-behaved dog can become the perfect partner for...

Sara Brueske (Faculty)

LS180: Dealing with a High Energy Dog

      Dealing With a High Energy Dog In this presentation we are going to explore what it means to have a high energy dog. Typically we associate high energy w...

Chelsey Protulipac (PPP Instructors)

LS185: Living with Multiple Dogs: Management skills

      Living With Multiple Dogs Caring for more than one dog under the same room is a lot like spinning plates - everyone's needs must be considered and carefu...

Chelsey Protulipac (PPP Instructors)

LS190: Don't Chase That! Stop Your Dog from Chasing Cars, Cats and Other Critters

      Don't Chase That! Does your dog have a tendency to chase cars, cats, toddlers, or wildlife? Unwanted chasing behavior in pet dogs has the potential to ru...

Chrissi Schranz (Faculty)

LS200: Is Your Dog Sensitive to Noises? How to Treat Noise Phobia in Dogs

      Is Your Dog Sensitive to Noises? Do booms and crashes send your dog into a barking fit? Does your dog dive for cover when she hears a microwave beep or t...

Amy Cook (Faculty)

LS205: Living with & Training a Reactive Dog

      Living With and Training a Reactive Dog Is your dog barking and lunging when you’re out on walks? Are you having trouble taking her anywhere, unsure of w...

Amy Cook (Faculty)

LS210: How to Quiet a Barking Dog

      How to Quiet a Barking Dog Your dog barks! Your dog barks… a lot! And maybe it’s beginning to drive you to distraction! You’re not the only one, so don’t...

Amy Cook (Faculty)

LS215: Is Your Dog Scared? How to Help Fearful Dogs

      Is Your Dog Scared? Does your dog bark and growl at other dogs on walks? Duck away from strangers when they try to say hello? Hide behind you and tremble...

Jennifer Summerfield, DVM (Guest Instructors)

LS220: Stop Resource Guarding in Dogs: How to Prevent & Treat It

      Stop Resource Guarding Resource guarding is one of the most common types of aggression we might see in dogs. Resources can include food and other consuma...

Michael Shikashio (Guest Presentations )

LS225: New Baby and Dog? Help for New and Expectant Parents

      New Baby and Dog? Congratulations! A baby is joining your family! What an exciting and wonderful time. But wait: how can your dog and your baby coexist s...

Tania Lanfer (PPP Instructors)

LS230: Dog Separation Anxiety Solutions: Top 10 Key Elements

      Dog Separation Anxiety Solutions In this presentation, we will be reviewing the Top 10 List of what is involved with treating separation anxiety. Separat...

Malena DeMartini Price (Guest Presentations )

LS235: Ruff 'N Tumble for Beginners

      Ruff 'N Tumble for Beginners  Do you have a High Energy dog that loves activity? Do you want to learn how to tire your dog and have fun at the same ...

Barbara Lloyd (Guest Presentations )

LS240: My Dog is Aggressive! Or is This Play?

      My Dog is Aggressive! Or is This Play? The goal of this presentation is to educate the viewer on what is and what is not aggression. How as a pet parent ...

Michael Badial (PPP Instructors)

       Click here for a list of Starter 2 Packs - $29.95       

LS400: Puppy Starter Pack

  Preparing for New Puppy - From Prep to Family Member  AND Building Puppy Confidence: Give Your Puppy the Gift of Optimism Sara Brueske - Preparing for Ne...

Various Instructors (Guest Presentations )

LS405: Teenage Dogs Starter Pack

  Adolescent Dog Training: From Maddening to Maturity AND Dealing with a High Energy Dog Suzanne Clothier - Adolescent Dog Training: From Maddening to Matu...

Various Instructors (Guest Presentations )

LS410: Behavior Starter Pack

  Stop Resource Guarding in Dogs: How to Prevent & Treat It  AND How to Quiet a Barking Dog Michael Shikashio - Stop Resource Guarding in Dogs: How to ...

Various Instructors (Guest Presentations )

LS415: Adventure Dog Starter Pack

  The Dog Park Dog: Pros and Cons of Dog Parks for Your Dog AND Dog on The Go: Take Your Public Pooch Out and About Jennifer Summerfield, DVM - The Dog Park Dog: Pro...

Various Instructors (Guest Presentations )

LS420: New Human Baby Starter Pack

  New Baby and Dog? Help for New and Expectant Parents AND Enrichment for Dogs: Ditch the Bowl, Better Their Life! Tania Lanfer - New Baby and Dog? Help for New...

Various Instructors (Guest Presentations )


       Click here for a list of Combination 6 Packs - $65.00         

LS600: New Puppy Combination Pack

  Preparing for New Puppy - From Prep to Family Member  AND Building Puppy Confidence: Give Your Puppy the Gift of Optimism AND Crate Training Dogs: Happy Crat...

Various Instructors (Guest Presentations )

LS605: Life Skills Combination Pack

  How to Train Your Dog to Come AND Sit, Down, Stay : Basic Obedience for the Pet Dog AND Get Your Dog to Stop Jumping On People: Teaching Polite Greetings&nbs...

Various Instructors (Guest Presentations )

LS610: New Adult Dog Combination Pack

  Adopt an Adult Dog: From Prep to Family Member AND Enrichment for Dogs: Ditch the Bowl, Better Their Life! AND Crate Training Dogs: Happy Crating for Life&nb...

Various Instructors (Guest Presentations )

LS615: Fearful Dog Combination Pack

  Is Your Dog Scared? How to Help Fearful Dogs  AND Is Your Dog Sensitive to Noises? How to Treat Noise Phobia in Dogs AND Living With & Training a Re...

Various Instructors (Guest Presentations )

LS650: Complete Pet Dog Presentation Program - $260

Purchase all the video presentations in our Pet Dog Training Online Program!  Click links for more information on individual presentations. LS100 - Preparing for New...

Various Instructors (Guest Presentations )



         Click here for a list of Pet Professional Workshops - $29.95       

These pre-recorded workshops contain an approximate one hour recorded lecture as well as an additional lecture showing video feedback to video and/or questions submitted previously by students.  

Note that this topic was originally targeted to pet training professionals to assist them in teaching students.  It may contain more advanced terminology when compared to normal pet dog training presentations but is suitable for students which have basic dog training knowledge.


WP100: BECOME the Cookie! How to be Attractive to a Dog

This workshop will teach you new ways to play using toys, food, eyes, hands, energy, laughter, movement and touch! We’ll look at creative ways to interact with and enjoy our ...

Julie Daniels (Faculty)

WP150: The Power of YES: Consent in Pet Dogs

Class Description: What is consent, as it pertains to dog training? How do we teach our clients to both value consent, and fully embrace that there will be some no-choice mome...

Sarah Stremming (Faculty)

WP230: Romping Rovers: Understanding Dog-Dog Play

 For many pet dog trainers, refereeing dog-dog play interactions is an important part of the job! Whether you’re teaching puppy classes, running a doggy daycare, or helpi...

Jennifer Summerfield, DVM (Guest Instructors)

WP300: Shaping, Capturing and Luring! Oh My! Ways to Get Behavior

Behavior is happening all the time. The key to training behavior is knowing how to create and recognize desirable behavior and then reinforce it so the dog wants to continue t...

Julie Flanery (Faculty)

WP350: Behavior Intervention Techniques

This workshop will cover ways to manage unwanted behaviours using LIMA (least intrusive and minimally aversive) principles. Sometimes the best laid plans do not unfold as expe...

Chelsey Protulipac (PPP Instructors)

WP525: Countering Counter Surfing

This workshop is all about counter surfing and a reinforcing way of training “leave it”! Let’s learn how to teach a robust alternative behavior so families can cook and enjoy ...

Tania Lanfer (PPP Instructors)

WP545: Systematic Solutions for Behavior Problems

This course is designed to take the stress and mystery out of solving common behavioral concerns in pet dogs. It is built on the science of applied behavior analysis and flavo...

Sarah Stremming (Faculty)

WP600: The Perfect Puppy Class: Scheduling, Structure, and Skills

Okay, so you’re ready to offer your first puppy class – how exciting!  Working with puppies (and their people!) is one of the most fun and rewarding parts of being a pet ...

Jennifer Summerfield, DVM (Guest Instructors)

WP700: Show Don’t Tell – Games for Teaching Complex Ideas (without Delving into the Science)

Premack, shaping, quadrants, reinforcement strategies, marker words … for most pet owners, all these words sound a bit like gobbledygook. But the strategies behind them are po...

Melissa Breau (Faculty)

WP710: Managing a Skills Class - Ways to Create Success in the Classroom

How you set up your classroom can have a huge impact on your ability to teach and your students’ ability to learn. It affects the dog’s coming into the classroom in terms of a...

Julie Flanery (Faculty)

WP720: Class Formats: Let me Count the Ways!

The format in which basic pet classes are offered has evolved over the last several years. From the traditional model of 6- or 8-week classes to less traditional models of rev...

Julie Flanery (Faculty)

WP730: Preparing for Success: Structuring & Organizing Your Class Materials

Learning Objectives: 1) To help you organize your course materials in a logical and systematic way.2) To help you develop the skill of breaking course material into realistic...

Deborah Jones (Faculty)

WP740: The Human End of the Leash: Developing your Client-Centered Skills

You’ve got the knowledge, you’ve got the experience, and you’ve got your ethics all figured out. You quote Pavlov in casual conversations, you’ve got a library full of FDSA cl...

Chrissi Schranz (Faculty)

WP750: The Home-Field Advantage: Succeeding with Private Lessons

Few things come close to the behavioral impact of well-taught private sessions. Done right, they are incredibly rewarding for the clients and their dogs as well as for the tra...

Chrissi Schranz (Faculty)

WP830: Social Media and Your Business: How to Use it to Grow Your Impact

The world is at our fingertips with our phones and people are looking to social media now more than ever to learn, to be entertained and for recommendations on which products ...

Jamie & Michael Badial (PPP Instructors)

WP850: Service Dogs: The Laws and Training Guidelines for Public Access

The service dog world is a huge industry with a wide range of assistance dogs and required skills. Some individuals choose to get dogs from organizations, but there are many w...

Laura Waudby (Faculty)

WP855: Building a Successful Dog Business

Starting your business as a dog trainer doesn’t have to be confusing and scary; all you need is a plan!  In this workshop, we’ll talk about what to consider when starting...

Jamie & Michael Badial (PPP Instructors)

WP885: Zen Focus

 What is Zen Focus? It is a workshop that combines two incredibly important and often overlooked concepts. As an experienced trainer and instructor you know that having a...

Deborah Jones (Faculty)

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