The purpose of the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy is to prepare as many dogs and trainers as possible for competition using dog friendly training techniques. We are distressed at the possibility that excellent training candidates may not be able to afford a class, so we have created a scholarship program for those who need financial assistance.  

Scholarships are not currently available for self-study classes, workshops or webinars. 

The last day to apply for scholarships for classes in the current session is ten days after the term has started.  (example: June 10 for the June session)

The Fenzi Academy Scholarship is on the honor system; please do not ask for a scholarship if you are able to afford a class without one. Because the scholarship program is subsidized by Fenzi Academy, we ask that you abide by the following rules:

  • You may only be enrolled in one class per session.
  • You may receive no more than three scholarships per year.

To apply for a scholarship, please wait until enrollment is open for the class you wish to take. Then, fill out the simple scholarship form below.

If you are awarded a scholarship, you will be given a coupon code to enter upon registration.

Scholarships are only available at the Bronze level,
and cover half the cost of the course ($32.50).

Important: Once enrollment starts for the current session, we generally reply to scholarship applications within a few days. If enrollment hasn't started yet, we will not reply to scholarship applications until a few days before start of enrollment for the current session. 

Also, please only apply for scholarships for the classes offered in the current session. The last day to apply for a scholarship in ten days after the term has started. For example, June 10 is the last day to apply for a scholarship for the June 1 session.

If you are interested in a future class, please wait until enrollment for that class is open before applying.

Scholarship Application

Scholarship Form

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- You cannot leave this field empty Course number (only one) of the class for which you would like a scholarship.
- You cannot leave this field empty All prior classes taken with the Fenzi Academy in the current calendar year.
- You cannot leave this field empty Your main sport or dog training interest.
Do you feel that paying the full price of the course will create any hardship for you or your family?*
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