FDSA collects only the information that we need to add you to a classroom. That includes your name and email address and a record of your purchased classes. Because we use third party credit card processors (PayPal and Stripe), no one at FDSA ever sees any of your financial information.

We retain your name, email address and payment history forever unless you ask us to remove it. We retain the information in order to manage your library and to add new classes over time as you purchase additional subscriptions. Your “Payment history” link allows you to review what classes you have purchased.

We do not share any information with third parties.

We DO add you to our mailing list when you subscribe for a class. If you do NOT wish to be added to our mailing list you can easily opt out by either selecting the “unsubscribe” button from the bottom of your first newsletter or send a request to help@fenziacademy.com, requesting that we do not add you to the mailing list. Your name will be removed at that time.

If you wish to have your account canceled and removed from our site, then you may do so at any time by sending an email to help@fenziacademy.com. Please be aware that this action cannot be undone; that means that we will have no way to reinstate your classes or to verify that you were ever a student if you should you change your mind at a later time.