A sampling of what some of our students have said about FDSA ...

At the end of each class, we ask our students to complete a survey. The results are consistently excellent - the vast majority of our survey respondents plan to take additional classes at Fenzi Academy, and highly recommend their specific course and instructor.

Read what our students are saying about Fenzi Academy. For course testimonials please see information under the scheduled classes.

I wasn't sure if an online format would really be "helpful enough" to learn something new, but I was very pleasantly surprised! Seeing the videos of the Gold level participants and reading the instructor feedback was VERY helpful! I had fun and learned several new things. I highly recommend these online classes!.

Chris P

If you live in an area where finding an appropriate positive based class is a struggle then I strongly urge one to sign up with the Fenzi Dog Sport Academy. The on line instructors I have had thus far have been outstanding. Their dedication to their students shines thru and the learning one achieves surpasses many classes that I have taken in other schools. I recommend and prefer the gold level however I have also taken a bronze level course and was satisfied with what I learnt.

J. Murphy 

Love the Fenzi Academy! It's great that finally there is a place where force free trainers can get good, detailed instruction, support and be part of a community. The material covered is up to date and fully relevant - no 'hocus pocus' just good, solid science and understanding of dog behviour. Also love the online FB groups; everyone is so supportive!

Sarah R

Since I am generally a hands-on learner, I was skeptical how much I would like learning through an on-line course. I have to say that the method used by Fenzi Academy is very effective. The videos are very helpful, both the instructor and student videos. And all questions were timely answered with professionalism and sensitivity. I couldn't have been more pleased with the courses I have taken!

Melanie K.

I am continually amazed at how much I learn with each class. Watching both the teacher's video's and the student's videos gives me lots of opportunity to think through the elements and break it down for myself and my dog.

Maureen E.

As a newbie to dog sports I find the Fenzi academy an incredible way to get the best instruction from a wealth of knowledgable instructors with no intimidation or sense that I can't participate in a class alongside excellent seasoned trainers.

Bruce W

I've taken a number of classes by a number of instructors at FDSA. I appreciate how well they overlap, and that the message is often the same despite who's teaching.
The FDSA online site is so great! Not complicated; it has been easy to use. I am really impressed with Denise's mission to bring into her Academy absolutely top-notch instructors! Plus, I really love the 3-tier options for her students! With these options, the online courses are affordable for everyone that is interested in improving their dog training skills and building the best relationship with their dog(s) -- whether they do, or plan on doing dog performance sports, or just want to spend time with their dog and have a well-trained dog ... a dog that is a wonderful representative to the community at-large....all achieved with positive training methods!
The depth of knowledge that i am getting from the classes I am taking is invaluable. It has opened a door to training and overall learning for me that I wouldn't be able to get elsewhere. I am in a power wheelchair and finding transportation to classes is often difficult for me. These online classes have given me the guidance I've needed to stay focused and motivated to work with my dog.

Brenda W.

This is the first online class I have taken. Although I took it at the bronze level, I was amazed at how much I got out of it and couldn't wait to try the exercises and share them with my training partners. 
As an inexperienced handler with little competition experience, I was nervous. There was no need to worry. Denise accepts her students, canine and human, right where they are. She is very clear that you don’t have to keep up, make comparisons or master it all in the 6 week session. Her feedback is prompt, frequent and right to the point. As she discusses areas that need work, she is encouraging and reinforcing. I always felt like wagging my tail and working harder after every interchange. Getting to know and watch the other students is fun and instructive. I am looking forward to taking classes regularly through the Fenzi Academy. And I highly recommend that you go for the gold!

Sandy H.

A great course - so worthwhile for teams at all different levels. Even at bronze I found it to be fantastic. It felt like it was personal instruction for me - for both of my dogs, each very different.
Taking courses from the Fenzi Academy gives you a chance to "work" with many different highly skilled/positive instructors and even today it isn't easy to find that many trainers who are primarily positive at competition levels. I feel like I come away with a new skills or insights from each class I take (4 so far).

Kitty N.

I live in a remote area several hours away from experienced positive competitive obedience dog trainers, so Fenzi Academy gives me a great opportunity to get instruction from some of the best positive reinforcement trainers in the country.  My current dog is getting a much better foundation than my previous dogs due to having access to this great instruction.  Thank you! 
It is amazing to realize that Internet training isn't "second best". The success of training through video and critiques and lectures is nothing short of amazing. Thank you for bringing this quality of instruction to everyone, regardless of their geographical location
The class was thoughtfully planned with just enough material each week to keep us busy but not overwhelmed. The lectures and videos were clear and easy to follow. Can't wait for the next class!

-Kathy ES 

Feedback was always timely, helpful, and supportive, and I was very happy with the format of this class. I can't wait to enroll in more. I just wish there were more hours in the day to train.

-Shannon K.

Thanks again for this opportunity and for the awesome timely feedback and encouragement you showed to all the posting students. Even though I was only at the bronze level I really felt like part of the class and feel that I got alot out of it. Kudos to you for the initiative!

Regards Ana C

This class model has been so helpful, regardless of level of participation. I feel I learned so much from the lecture materials and the participants' videos/feedback. Feedback was specific and easy to follow. I can see so much change already in my and my dog's performance, and in our relationship. I can't wait for the next class!

Molly B

I was at first hesitant about taking online training courses, in general. This course has convinced me that it can be almost an even better training and learning opportunity, reviewing your training sessions with the instructors input, analyzing what you did yourself. Precise, fast and clear instructions, help and very positive feedback made this course a blast - 6 weeks went by too fast!

 I live on a farm way out in the country and while my dog loves to learn between his severe travel anxiety and the price of gas we don't have a lot of opportunities to try new classes. The Fenzi Academy is perfect for us and gives us the opportunity to try things and have access to trainers that we would never have in person.  Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity! 
This is my first time taking a Fenzi Academy class, but not my first time taking an online class. I have to say it is the best experience I have had so far. What was better than previous experiences is the greater detail in breaking down training plans with good videos and lectures, and making it less of a "figure it out yourself" kind of experience. The other component is technology they use allows for more organized discussion and content delivery - it may seem secondary to the quality of teaching, but the delivery tools are really important. Lastly, the timeliness and quality of the coaching was excellent.  will be taking additional classes in the future and would recommend her course and Fenzi Academy to others.

Thank you, Andre Yeu (and Petey) When Hounds Fly Dog Training, Toronto, Canada 

This was my first Fenzi course. I really enjoyed it and definitely thought I got my money's worth. Will definitely be signing up for more courses in the future. Also really enjoyed the instructor -- she was knowledgeable and did a great job. 
Thank-you! I've taken a class ever since the academy opened and I plan on taking a class every session - even if it is like this session where I am so busy with other things I can't take full advantage. I can always go back and re-look at the lessons and that is worth the low price I pay.
Once again Fenzi Dog Sports Academy hits a home run! Fantastic content, great instructor! I learned a ton and can't wait for more.  
The Fenzi Academy has opened up a whole new world for me. I'm learning things I didn't even know I needed to know and I'm realizing why I've struggled in the past. Each course is jammed full with great information and the instructors are top notch. This is a learning journey for me and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Stacy B.

This course gave me an arsenal of tools to use in the upcoming months. I don't know how the instructor stayed on top of all of our homework but she did and then some. You will get the most out of this if you are not afraid to post your failures and risk looking foolish.

Nancy S 

Incredibly informative and helpful class. I am a crossover student, with 35 yrs experience training the "traditional" way. This is a challenge for me! But I have seen significant improvement in my dog's problem areas, so I am now committed to learning these training techniques; I'm starting over with her, having lots of fun and learning new things as fast as I can keep the clicker going! I have high expectations for achieving all of my performance goals using the Fenzi Academy to help me get there. I can't wait for my next class!!
Really enjoyed the course! I'm still catching up, but am already looking forward to the next class.
So useful, especially if you don't have a really good positive methods trainer where you live!! Helped my dog revive his enthusiasm for working.

Karen C 

I'm addicted to the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy! I have never been dissatisfied with any course that I've taken at FDSA. My list of classes that I’ve taken there just gets longer and longer. Fantastic course material and fantastic Instructors! And the courses available just keep growing. After studying at FDSA, I will never take an on-line course somewhere else ..... unless, and only if, it has a full course description and a syllabus (like FDSA). Love FDSA's course syllabus! But, it's very unlikely that I will be interested in another on-line academy! 
I'm really pleased with the online auditing experience and will do so again. Thank you!

I have struggled to find a trainer in my area that would consistently work with my reactive dog. We often got dumped in the summer, classes cancelled, or was told that we weren't part of the trainers focus. I thought that I would never be able to improve my training beyond reading and watching DVDs. I thought that I would never get personal feedback. I felt discouraged and excluded from the dog training community. I thought that I would always have mediocre training and a mediocre relationship with my dog. A friend recommended FDSA and I enrolled in "It's All Tricks" with Deborah Jones at Gold level. In 6 weeks my dog has become more confident than I've ever seen her. She is more motivated and eager to learn. Furthermore, my confidence as a trainer has improved. I finally feel like I have a resource that I can rely on. At FDSA it doesn't matter that my dog is reactive, we can finally work on exercises that would have been completely inaccessible before. Deb has been absolutely wonderful to work with. She provides kind, encouraging and constructive feedback with meaningful critique. This experience has been the epitome of what I have always dreamt that training my dog would be. I cannot be thankful enough to have discovered FDSA. It has given my dog and I a second chance at having a successful, meaningful relationship. I cannot wait to enroll in more classes. 
I wasn't so certain that online classes would be REALLY useful - I am blown away by how much one can learn and implement through the online system - certainly makes it possible to participate in novel learning experiences that would not otherwise be available!

Sherry H.