September Workshops - Registration Opens August 22 

* Registration closes September 30th - 12pm (Noon) Pacific Time


WW399: Aug 27- Pesky Positions? Not Anymore! (REPEAT)

Is your dog having difficulties with changing positions? They're not alone in this struggle. Transitioning between positions can be quite challenging, as it demands quick resp...

Nicole Wiebusch (Faculty)

WW400: Sept 3 - Offering Engagement

Engagement is what every competitive team needs. But it can be quite challenging to achieve. How cool would it be if your dog offered engagement, instead of you asking for it?...

Petra Ford (Faculty)

WW401: Sept 3 - Fast and Furious Whistle Recalls

Recalls are one of the most important behaviors that you can teach your dog, the benefits in the real world are invaluable. However, often we are combating the distractions ar...

Sara Brueske (Faculty)

WW402: Sept 10 - The Magic Chain: Retriever Hunt Test Smart Start & Brilliance Building

Want to know a secret to make hunt test's a lot easier... It's the core behavior chain game that lets you practice all the fundamentals of a field retrieve with food instead ...

Jennifer Henion (Guest Presentations )

WW403: Sept 10 - Start Button Foundations

A Start Button is a behaviour our dog does to tell us: - She’s ready to work - He’s ok with us training a nail or cleaning an ear - We can put on that harness - She is c...

Helene Lawler (Faculty)

WW404: Sept 24 - Sensational Sidesteps: Teaching Lateral Movement in Heel and in Front (REPEAT)

Have you always dreamed of having awesome sidesteps? Learning to guide your dog in lateral movements while in the heel position can be incredibly beneficial! This ability enha...

Nicole Wiebusch (Faculty)

October Workshops - Registration Opens September 22 

* Registration closes October 31st - 12pm (Noon) Pacific Time


WW405: Oct 1- Tight Turns and Figure 8s for Obedience and Rally

Handling has always been a bit complicated. It’s not easy to coordinate our upper & lower body, cue ahead of time and pay attention to what our dog is doing. I’ve recently...

Petra Ford (Faculty)

WW406: Oct 1- Get a Handle on Your Handling

This workshop is all about helping your dog become comfortable with a variety of types of touch and handling. This work is the foundation for all future cooperative care proce...

Deborah Jones (Faculty)

WW407: Oct 8- Whistle Sits that work for Retriever field testing

How to start and build amazing whistle sit responses for retriever field testing. This workshop will demystify the process of getting great whistle sits at a distance, even w...

Jennifer Henion (Guest Presentations )

WW408: Oct 15- Puppy Adventures (REPEAT)

As puppies grow they are going to come across many unfamiliar obstacles in their everyday life and this workshop will help prepare your puppy for the unknown so that they can ...

Barbara Lloyd (Guest Instructors)

WW409: Oct 15- Transforming Triggers into Cues (REPEAT)

On a recent walk with me, my dog Smudge was startled by a bicycle that appeared from behind us, only a few feet away. As the bicyclist sped past, Smudge barked and lunged. Thi...

Kathy Sdao (Guest Instructors)

WW410: Oct 22- 7 Days to a More Confident Dog (REPEAT)

Would your dog appreciate a jump start to confidence? Are you still using food when your dog is afraid? Would you like to learn how to help in effective ways? Take this short ...

Julie Daniels (Faculty)

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