February Workshops - Registration Opens Jan 22 - 9am Pacific Time

* Registration closes February 29th - 12pm (Noon) Pacific Time


WW430: Jan 28- Conditioning with Cavaletti Poles: Taking Canine Fitness to the Next Level (REPEAT)

Have you ever wanted to dive into canine fitness & conditioning but not sure where to start? Do you get overwhelmed with all the fitness and conditioning equipment on the...

Ashley Escobar (Guest Instructors)

WW431: Feb 4- Mobility Made Simple

Handlers, are your body aches and pains one of your biggest challenges or are they limiting you? Have you noticed they’ve increased over the last 5 or 10 years? Do you ever st...

Liz Joyce (Faculty)

WW432: Feb 4- Command Discrimination Foundation (REPEAT)

Command Discrimination (CD) is one of the most difficult exercises in obedience. There are six possible combinations. Then we add distance and pressure resulting in an exercis...

Petra Ford (Faculty)

WW433: Feb 11- Pick it Up and Put it Here (REPEAT)

Many dogs naturally carry objects in their mouths. They pick up and play with toys, snatch available unattended food, and “steal” all sorts of objects they find. Many people w...

Deborah Jones (Faculty)

WW434: Feb 18- Sound Sensitivity: It's time to party!

Your dog is sound sensitive! Oh no! Whether that's to fireworks and thunderstorms, or the whistling, beeping and slamming of the sports environment, or the sounds of urban li...

Amy Cook, PhD (Faculty)

WW435: Feb 18- Command Discrimination Ring Ready (REPEAT)

Command Discrimination (CD) is one of the most difficult exercises in obedience. There are six possible combinations. Add to that distance and pressure and you have an exercis...

Petra Ford (Faculty)

WW436: Feb 25- How’s Your Canine’s Public Face Part 1: Exploring The Canine Good Citizen

What is the CGC program? CGC stands for Canine Good Citizen and refers to a dog and handler team who have gone through a testing program, passed and received their certificate...

Heather Lawson (Faculty)

March Workshops - Registration Opens Feb 22 - 9am Pacific Time

* Registration closes March 31 - 12pm (Noon) Pacific Time


WW437: March 3- Bend and Stretch

Flexibility can be a gamechanger for sports dogs. Too much flexibility might have the potential for injury, and a lack of flexibility can inhibit the skills and behaviors that...

Kelly Daniel (Guest Presentations )

WW438: March 3- From Here to There: A 7-Step Plan to Generalize Behaviors

Your dog listens so well in your living room, but as soon as you step outside, they act like you aren’t even there. Does this sound familiar? Teaching generalization can be tr...

Nicole Wiebusch (Faculty)

WW439: March 10- Winning Warmups

Figuring out the best acclimation and warmup routine for your dog can be challenging. It’s hard to know exactly what to do and for how long. Warming up at a trial can be even ...

Petra Ford (Faculty)

WW440: March 10- Marking a Line: Gloves and Go Outs (REPEAT)

This workshop will teach your dog what we refer to as a mark. Your dog will learn a cue for looking straight ahead for a task to do, whether that is looking ahead for an item ...

Laura Waudby (Faculty)

WW441: March 17- Games and Skills-Left Turns in Heelwork (REPEAT)

Want snappy left turns and a dog that knows exactly how to place their rear? Want that quick left about and left pivots that you see other handler/dog teams executing before t...

Shade Whitesel (Faculty)

WW442: March 24- Duration? Easy Peasy (REPEAT)

Do you struggle to get your dog to hold a sit or a down? Does she dance like a monkey during stand-for-exam? Do the four-paw-shuffle at the start line? Leap joyfully off her s...

Helene Lawler (Faculty)

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