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I have actively trained and competed in Obedience for over 15 years. I took this course with my first small dog and first terrier. I have tried to train this dog using methods and techniques learned previously but they all fell short and my instructors were encouraging me to get a new dog. The methods Hannah used have helped me find a new love in training my dog. For our relationship and his needs this was the best course I could ever take. My dog is responding quickly to these methods and I have accomplished things with him that have failed many times over the last 2 years. His issues regarding competing will include more than "training method" so we may not compete - or most likely I will find another Fenzi class to help me in that area!

– Rachel J.

I was at first hesitant about taking online training courses, in general. This course has convinced me that it can be almost an even better training and learning opportunity, reviewing your training sessions with the instructors input, analyzing what youid yourself. Precise, fast and clear instructions, help and very positive feedback made this course a blast - 6 weeks went by too fast!

Love the Fenzi Academy! It's great that finally there is a place where force free trainers can get good, detailed instruction, support and be part of a community. The material covered is up to date and fully relevant - no 'hocus pocus' just good, solid science and understanding of dog behviour. Also love the online FB groups; everyone is so supportive!

– Sarah R.

The depth of knowledge that i am getting from the classes I am taking is invaluable. It has opened a door to training and overall learning for me that I wouldn't be able to get elsewhere. I am in a power wheelchair and finding transportation to classes is often difficult for me. These online classes have given me the guidance I've needed to stay focused and motivated to work with my dog.

– Brenda W.

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