Note: To see a sample lecture for a specific course that you are considering, go directly to the course page on the schedule and find the tab for "sample lecture". Note that sample lectures are currently being added and may not be available for the course you are considering at this time. 

This is an example of how our courses look. Please note that the sample lectures shown here may not reflect current course material.

This is Week 1 of NW101 - Beginning Nosework.

There are two main components to a Fenzi Academy course: Lectures, and Forums. 

The “Lectures” link below will contain the lectures, videos, and homework assignments for the first week of NW101. Most courses have weekly lectures.

The “Course Forum” link below will allow you to see a sample of how the Homework and Discussion Forums work.

The Homework Forum is for Gold level students who submit homework.  This sample class has three gold level members. You will see their video homework, and the teacher’s responses.  This forum will house the conversation and video thread between students and the instructor; for each student it becomes a running log of all that they've done in the class.  Anyone at any level can read this thread, but they cannot comment here.

This sample class also has a Discussion Forum where all general questions and responses are posted. You will see the questions and the teacher’s response.  The purpose of the Discussion Forum is to allow Gold and Silver level students a place to ask questions and clarify the lectures.

Bronze level students cannot ask questions or submit videos, but are able to read and see everything posted. This sample course is set up as an example of what it's like to be a Bronze student. Keep in mind that in a real class, you would have access to six weeks of lectures, videos, and assignments, and that most classes have significantly more students (and therefore more videos) to observe and learn from.

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Please note that this example may not reflect current course lecture material.

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