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October Workshops - Registration Opened September 22  

* Registration closes October 31 - 12pm (Noon) Pacific Time 

WW197: Oct. 4 - Multi-Dog Mayhem: Learn to take turns (Repeat)

  Do you have a lot of dogs? Do you want to be able to have your dogs calmly wait their turn while you work another? What about creating an efficient game of multiple-dog ...

Sara Brueske (Faculty)

WW198: Oct. 4 - Ring Entrances – Train Your Dog to Happily Leave Rewards Outside the Agility or Obedience Ring

  Going into the ring without any food or toys is something that is not trained until the day of the trial with most agility and obedience/rally dogs. This workshop will s...

Nancy Gagliardi Little (Faculty)

WW199: Oct. 11 - Awesome Muzzle Training (REPEAT)

  All dogs should be taught to comfortably wear a muzzle. Why? So many reasons! Muzzles can sometimes be necessary, especially if your dog is in pain or injured. There may...

Deborah Jones (Faculty)

WW200: Oct. 18 - Snappy Position Changes (REPEAT)

  Let’s dive into teaching all 6 possible position changes of sit, down, and stand, using front foot and rear foot targets. This workshop will teach you how to train the p...

Laura Waudby (Faculty)

WW201: Oct. 25 - Fabulous Fronts! How to get them and keep them! (REPEAT)

  Have you been trying to get that fabulous front forever? A sitting “front” for obedience and a standing “center” for freestyle are deceivingly difficult to build and mai...

Julie Flanery (Faculty)

WW202: Oct. 25 - Finding Success with Handler Scent Discrimination

  Your dog loves you so will love to find your scent! In this workshop you will learn how to tap into your dog’s hunt drive! The key is getting them to use their nose whic...

Julie Symons (Faculty)

November Workshops - Registration Opens October 22  @ 9am Pacific Time

* Registration closes November 30 - 12pm (Noon) Pacific Time 

WW203: Nov. 1 - Like Clockwork: The Magic of Turning Behaviors into Chains

  Imagine walking into the competition ring and, from start to finish, your dog performs like clockwork. Every behavior is perfect and one skill flows into the next seamle...

Deborah Jones (Faculty)

WW204: Nov. 8 - Tricks for Pics (REPEAT)

  In this workshop, we'll be teaching our dogs adorable tricks that work well for taking pictures of your dog! Not only that, but we will discuss other training techniques...

Sara Brueske (Faculty)

WW205: Nov. 15 - It’s All About the Rewards - Using Placement of Reward to Your Advantage (REPEAT)

  Where you deliver the reinforcement for a behavior rewards the rep your dog just did, but it affects the next rep. We can use that to our advantage by thinking about whe...

Nicole Wiebusch (Faculty)

WW207: Nov. 15 - Loopy Listening: Eliminate shutting down or over-arousal problems...without more training!

  Are you struggling with over-arousal problems in training? Or with a dog who slows down, shuts down, or just plain quits when you’re working together? Do you have a pois...

Helene Lawler (Faculty)

WW206: Nov. 22 - The Zen Bowl: Getting the Rewards Out of Your Pocket! (REPEAT)

  The goal of this workshop is to introduce your dog to the idea that rewards can be out of your hands, out of your pocket, and at a distance! To do this we will be workin...

Laura Waudby (Faculty)

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