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March Workshops - Registration Opens February 22 

* Registration closes April 3 - 12pm (Noon) Pacific Time 

WW160: March 22 - Up Your Agility Game: Station Training

Stationing is one of my favorite tools for agility dogs. With the use of a station, I can increase focus, layer in consent to my training, teach the concept of stillness to ac...

Megan Foster (Faculty)

April Workshops - Registration Opens March 22 @ 9:00am

* Registration closes April 30 - 12pm (Noon) Pacific Time 

WW161: March 29 - Get a nose up on Nose work distractions

Are distractions a challenge for your nose work team. In this workshop we will address distractions including food, non-food, critters, Pmail, environmental, and AKC Scent wor...

Melissa Chandler (Faculty)

WW162: April 5 - Foundation Behaviors for Tricks (REPEAT)

Trick training is not just something to do on rainy days anymore! There are now trick titles to be acquired and trick competitions to be won! Just like any dog sport, a solid ...

Sara Brueske (Faculty)

WW163: April 5 - Conditioning for Obedience: All You Need to Know!

Obedience has its own set of demands on the body. This workshop is aimed at those participating in obedience at any level to assist with the physical conditioning and fitness ...

Debbie (Gross) Torraca (Faculty)

WW164: April 12 - Find Mine!: Beginning Scent Articles

Have you been nervous about teaching your dog scent articles? This workshop will guide you through the beginning steps of how to jump right in and get started! Any dog can joi...

Laura Waudby (Faculty)

WW165: April 19 - Excellent Obedience: Spin Back & Awesome Awareness for Heeling & Pivots

This is part of the Awesome Obedience Workshop Series. Have you experienced crooked or rock back sits on fronts, finishes and halts, bumping on left turns, slow or creeping d...

Petra Ford (Guest Instructors)

WW167: April 19 - From Pinball to Methodical: Creating the Careful Container Dog

Does your dog tend to work Containers like a ball bouncing around in a pinball machine? Do you worry that containers have been skipped, but you are cautious about interfering ...

Stacy Barnett (Faculty)

WW166: April 26 - Wait your turn - How to teach your dog that work is SOON, not NOW

Is your dog vocalizing and reinforcement seeking when you are waiting to go into the ring to trial? Can you talk to your class instructor or seminar instructor without your do...

Shade Whitesel (Faculty)

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