September Workshops - Registration Opens  Aug 22 @ 9am Pacific Time

* Registration closes September 30th - 12pm (Noon) Pacific Time

WW256: August 29 - Sensational Sidesteps: Teaching Lateral Movement in Heel and in Front

  If you compete in Rally, lateral movement is a requirement, but even if you just want to teach your dog a more solid understanding of heel, this skill is a good one to h...

Nicole Wiebusch (Faculty)

WW257: Sept 5- Happy Holds (REPEAT)

  Teaching your dog to calmly hold an object can be difficult! This duration behavior is often the nemesis of many dog trainers and is necessary for the competition obedie...

Sara Brueske (Faculty)

WW258: Sept 12- Happy Heeling: Mastering Distractions

  Heeling is easily the most complex behavior in competitive obedience. Adding distractions makes the exercise even more challenging. It’s not uncommon for dogs to either ...

Petra Ford (Faculty)

WW259: Sept 19- Multiple Hides and the Spaces Between

  There is WAY more to working and training with multiple hides than simply setting out a second hide. How you train and handle will have a huge impact on your dog's abili...

Stacy Barnett (Faculty)

WW260: Sept 26- What's Right With My Dog? (REPEAT)

  In veterinary school, we were taught, “You can’t know what is abnormal until you know what is normal.” The same is true for your dog. If you don’t know what is normal, y...

Sue Yanoff, DVM (Guest Instructors)

WW261: Sept 26- Make the Power of the Pattern Work for YOU!

  Take a Deep Dive into Leslie McDevitt's popular Pattern Games from her third book, Control Unleashed: Reactive to Relaxed! Learn about these counterconditioning games an...

Leslie McDevitt & Adam Skandarani (Guest Presentations )

October Workshops - Registration Opens  Sept 22 @ 9am Pacific Time

* Registration closes October 31st - 12pm (Noon) Pacific Time

WW262: Oct 3 - Heeling Games for Natural Attention, Animation and Reduction of Reinforcers (REPEAT)

  Heeling is an amazing dance between engaged partners's not. Heeling can be amazing. But too much emphasis on precision can quickly dull even the most enthus...

Denise Fenzi (Faculty)

WW263: Oct 10 - Your Daily Zen: A Week’s Worth of Calm and Control Exercises

  In Your Daily Zen workshop Deb will guide you through a week’s worth of calm & control exercises to learn & practice with your dog. These 7 exercises will lay a ...

Deborah Jones (Faculty)

WW266: Oct 10 - Dynamic Impulse Control (REPEAT)

  Impulse control! We want it, we talk about it, we train for it. But... do we actually have it? And, what exactly is it? So much of impulse control training is about havi...

Helene Lawler (Faculty)

WW264: Oct 17 - Handling Errors for Success

  What is the best approach for dealing with errors when training? There are many different approaches from completely avoiding them to correcting them. They all agree on ...

Petra Ford (Faculty)

WW265: Oct 24 - Box Antic Prevention (REPEAT)

  Nosework Containers are the #1 element that dogs false and fault on! Dogs associate containers with reinforcement due to early exposure and focus. They may try to talk u...

Julie Symons (Faculty)


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