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Noday Workshop

Q&A - How does it work? When can I access? +

  • Once you sign up, your workshop classroom will be added to your “My Workshops” page.
  • The workshop classroom will contain all materials for that workshop, including the lecture, and information on attending the feedback session.
  • On the first day of the Workshop (noted in each workshop description), the lecture portion of the workshop will be released. This will be a recorded video presentation - watch at a time of your convenience.
  • Now practice with your dog! Students with a working spot will upload a short video of their work to YouTube and share the unlisted link (double check it is not private!) in the classroom homework forum by the date and time listed in the first assignment (Note: it’s important that students with a working spot submit homework video on time or they will forfeit the opportunity for instructor feedback).
  • One week after the release of the presentation there will be a live webinar! The instructor will provide feedback on the working student submissions and answer questions — all students are welcome to attend and participate! This session will also be available as a recording for those who cannot attend live.
  • Each student is automatically given a library pass for one year from the point of enrollment in a course or workshop. When a course or workshop is completed the lectures and videos posted by the instructor will be moved to the "student library" and can be viewed as long as your library pass is active. You can keep your library pass current by enrolling in at least one course a year.

Q&A - What does it cost? Can I have a working spot? +

Q&A -  What does it cost? Can I have a working spot? +
  • You have the option of signing up as a working spot or as an auditor.
  • Working Spot - $39.95. Working participants receive access to all presentation materials and will submit a short video (approx. 90 seconds) for instructor feedback. Limited number of spots available.
  • Auditor Spot - $29.95. Students will receive access to all presentation materials but will not submit video for review. Auditors may ask questions during the live webinar. Unlimited number of spots available.

Workshops - Registration Open March 25 - 9:00am Pacific Time

WW106: April 3 - What's Right With My Dog?

In veterinary school, we were taught, “You can’t know what is abnormal until you know what is normal.” The same is true for your dog. If you don’t know what is normal, yo...

Sue Yanoff, DVM(Guest Instructors)

WW107: April 10 - Awesome Muzzle Training

All dogs should be taught to comfortably wear a muzzle.  Why?  So many reasons!  Muzzles can sometimes be necessary, especially if your dog is in...

Deborah Jones(Faculty)

WW108: April 17 - Foundation Behaviors for Tricks

There is no better way to spend the winter time than teaching your dog new tricks! In this workshop, we will break tricks into categories that are derived from the same founda...

Sara Brueske(Faculty)

WW109: April 23 - Building Blocks for Rally-FrEe and Freestyle Tutorial Series - Circle Behaviors

As building blocks for the upper levels of Rally-FrEe and foundation for freestyle, the seemingly simple behaviors of Circles, Spins and passing Thru the handler’s legs, open ...

Julie Flanery(Faculty)


Workshops - Registration Open April 22 - 9:00am Pacific Time

WW110: April 29 - Rocking Ring Entrances

What you do immediately before, and how you enter the ring sets the tone for your entire class.  Entering the ring with confidence and authority primes you for success. I...

Petra Ford(Guest Instructors)

WW111: May 6 - Rockin' Routines: Disc Dog Freestyle

This workshop will discuss how to build a disc dog freestyle routine. The lecture portion will cover what elements to include in your routine, flowing field movement, song cho...

Sara Brueske(Faculty)

WW112: May 17 - Stop! Drop! and... STAY! Reliable distance downs for herding

Will your dog down next to your feet, but not a distance? How about in the presence of distraction? While working sheep? The down at a distance is one of the most critical sk...

Helene Lawler(Faculty)

WW113: May 20 - Confident Stand for Exams

Do you have a wiggle butt dog has a hard time staying still for their stand for exam?  Or perhaps your dog is a bit suspicious of the judge coming over to touch them? In...

Laura Waudby(Faculty)