May Workshops - Registration Opened April 22 

* Registration closes May 31st - 12pm (Noon) Pacific Time


WW375: April 30- Drop It Like It’s HOT: The Reverse Retrieve (REPEAT)

We spend a lot of time teaching our dogs to retrieve items to us and to hold onto items, and then when we want them to take an object away from us and drop it in the middle of...

Barbara Lloyd (Guest Instructors)

WW376: April 30- Tugging with Toys-A thinking Reinforcement (REPEAT)

Want a dog that tug, tugs, and brings that toy right back to your hands when you let them have it? Want to use that tugging to reinforce agility sequences, or secondary obedie...

Shade Whitesel (Faculty)

WW377: April 30- People are Boring: Teaching Your Social Butterfly to Ignore (REPEAT)

Do you have an overly social dog or puppy? Dreams of trialing but are worried that your dog will think the judge is their new best friend? In this workshop, we'll take a syste...

Sara Brueske (Faculty)

WW378: May 7- Intro to Parkour and Beyond (REPEAT)

In this workshop we will cover all the novice level skills and how to take what you have learned in novice and apply to build intermediate level skills. This workshop is for t...

Melissa Chandler (Faculty)

WW379: May 7- No Reinforcer? No Problem!

Reducing reinforcement is a universal problem. As long as we are providing reinforcement our dogs perform well. Get rid of the reinforcers and it all falls apart. Especially i...

Petra Ford (Faculty)

WW380: May 7- 7 Days to 7 Props Every Performance Dog Should Know

What if there was a way that your dog could perform a behavior correctly, from the very first repetition? Imagine not having to mess around with luring the dog into the perfec...

Nicole Wiebusch (Faculty)

June Workshops - Registration Opens May 22 

* Registration closes June 30th - 12pm (Noon) Pacific Time


WW381: May 28- Handler Sprinting Mechanics and Speed Development (REPEAT)

Do you need to support your dog on course and can't quite get in position? Are you ready to finish your courses strong? Do you need more options for course navigation? The NU...

Liz Joyce (Guest Instructors)

WW382: June 4- Awesome Obedience Series: Super Sits & Fantastic Finishes

Awesome Obedience Workshop SeriesHave you experienced crooked or rock back sits on fronts, finishes and halts, bumping on left turns, slow or creeping drops, knocking a jump, ...

Petra Ford (Faculty)

WW383: June 4- Go the Distance: Getting Bigger Jumps for Dock Diving (REPEAT)

This workshop will cover everything from dry land drills to getting bigger jumps with experienced dogs for Big Air diving. We will focus on creating good form and building dri...

Sara Brueske (Faculty)

WW384: June 11- SUP! Paddle Boarding or Kayaking With Your Dog (REPEAT)

Summer is finally here! Spending time on the water with your dog is a great way to enjoy those beautiful summer days. It can be a little intimidating hitting the water for the...

Sara Brueske (Faculty)

WW385: June 18- Awesome Obedience Series: Jazzy Jumping & Dazzling Drops

Awesome Obedience Workshop Series Have you experienced crooked or rock back sits on fronts, finishes and halts, bumping on left turns, slow or creeping drops, knocking a jump...

Petra Ford (Faculty)

WW386: June 25- Canine Massage: Maintaining your Performance dog in Peak Form

This workshop is designed for any dog owner or competitor that would like to learn how to do canine massage on their own dog between events or after a long day of training. Do...

Aleks Woodroffe (Guest Instructors)

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