June Workshops - Registration Opens May 22 - 9am Pacific Time

* Registration closes June 30 - 12pm (Noon) Pacific Time


WW455: May 26- Conditioning Your Momma Dog Post Whelp

Whelping puppies is such a magical experience for breeders. It is no doubt taxing on our momma dogs. Therefore, our momma dogs need special care and attention even beyond whel...

Ashley Escobar (Faculty)

WW456: June 2- Focus and Engagement for dogs that love to hunt

In force-free Predation Substitute Training, focus and engagement with the owner is the key to success! If you have a dog that loves to chase wildlife and is too excited to s...

Simone Mueller (Guest Presentations )

WW457: June 9- Your Daily Zen: A Week's Worth of Calm and Control Exercises (REPEAT)

In Your Daily Zen workshop Deb will guide you through a week’s worth of calm & control exercises to learn & practice with your dog. These 7 exercises will lay a very s...

Deborah Jones (Faculty)

WW458: June 9- Handling Heeling Pressure

When heeling in the ring, dogs feel pressure from the judge, ring gates, walls, the environment and often from us. Dogs want to either move away from pressure or have trouble ...

Petra Ford (Faculty)

WW459: June 16- Switch on and off! How to teach a switch on and off cue!

Do you struggle with your dog’s focus? Do you struggle with over arousal? Do you want to have a super focused team member when you compete? Well teaching a clear switch on ...

Kamal Fernandez (Faculty)

WW460: June 23- Stop! Drop! and... STAY! Reliable distance downs (REPEAT)

Will your dog down when standing next to you, but not a distance? How about in the presence of distractions? Other dogs nearby? When facing away from you? When you're in moti...

Helene Lawler (Faculty)

July Workshops - Registration Opens June 22 - 9am Pacific Time

* Registration closes July 31 - 12pm (Noon) Pacific Time


WW461: June 30- Get that Ball Rolling: Intro to Treibball (REPEAT)

Want to build your distance control and connection with your dog while participating in a great new sport? Or maybe you’ve always been fascinated by herding, but don’t have sh...

Melissa Breau (Faculty)

WW462: July 7- Confident Command Discrimination

Command Discrimination is the exercise with the highest failure rate in Open. Why do so many dogs struggle??? In this workshop we will explore all aspects of the exercise. We ...

Petra Ford (Faculty)

WW463: July 7- Canine Massage: Maintaining your Performance dog in Peak Form (REPEAT)

This workshop is designed for any dog owner or competitor that would like to learn how to do canine massage on their own dog between events or after a long day of training. Do...

Aleks Woodroffe (Guest Instructors)

WW464: July 14- Fetch it: Training a Retrieve to Hand (REPEAT)

This workshop will get your dog started on a working retrieve! We will discuss how to get your dog excited about picking up items from the ground and shoving them in your hand...

Laura Waudby (Faculty)

WW465: July 14- Shape Up or Ship Out - Strengthening the Core, Front and Rear (REPEAT)

This workshop is for those who want to break into the fitness conditioning scene but not sure where to start. We will be breaking the dog's body into thirds and looking at exe...

Ashley Escobar (Faculty)

WW466: July 21- All things treadmill: Not just for trotting in Canine Fitness!

Treadmills are an awesome tool for fitness, but did you know you can use them for more than just cardiovascular fitness (walking and trotting)? There are a large number of exe...

Kelly Daniel (Faculty)

WW467: July 21- One of a Kind Hides: Can dogs really remember which hides they have found? (REPEAT)

A common training challenge is teaching your dog to not re-indicate on a previously found hide. Can dogs actually remember what they have found? Yes! However, dogs will vary i...

Julie Symons (Faculty)

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