The Science Cafe: Socialization and Sensitive Periods in Dogs

Welcome to the Science Cafe! On December 10, 2018, three FDSA instructors with science PhDs hung out for an hour or two and talked science online.

The docs:

The subject: Hartley, Catherine A., and Francis S. Lee. "Sensitive periods in affective development: Nonlinear maturation of fear learning." Neuropsychopharmacology 40.1 (2015): 50.

(You don't have to have read the paper to appreciate the chat, but a lot of people did!) 

Note: There was a bit of an echo at the beginning, but then the ladies figured it out and resolved the problem. Feel free to skip ahead to 4:25, after they've resolved the issue.

Resources mentioned in the chat:

Want more? The docs are hoping to do this again! And all three have classes this term at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy which are chock full of sciencey goodness (registration is open through December 15, but we'll have classes other sessions too):

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