WORKING STUDENTS: Submit a sideview picture of your dog standing and acing forward. Don’t lure them or artificially stack them. Just have them in a relaxed stand. I will give you feedback on your dog’s structure.


Your dog’s structure will impact their heeling style. Zeal is straight in the front. If I wanted him to “prance” it would be grossly exaggerated and put a lot of strain on his body. With a head up position and some drive from the rear he has a bouncy heel. And that’s just fine. Zayna has very good structure including good angulation in the front. In life she prances around. She prances in heeling because with her head up and some drive from the rear it happens naturally. My puppy has good angles but is long-bodied. My guess is he will have bounce but if I pushed for a prance it would be to hard on his core and hind end. Time will tell. Once he has matured, I will assess to see what works best for him. The moral of the story is that all dogs are different. Their structure will impact their style of heeling. I ask for drive from my dogs but don’t ask them to do something that is not going to work with their structure.