Welcome to the New FDSA Blog!

Welcome to FDSA's shiny new blog! We look forward to having you look around. But probably hold off on your look-around, because if you do it now, your journey will be short. That's because there's nothing here.


You see, getting this new website up and running was a bit of a project and it took all hands on deck. That didn't leave much time or energy left over to figure out stuff like blog posts. But don't worry, that will change. Here are some of the things you might find here in the near future:

  • Instructor blogs - and we'll ask you for topics!
  • Guest blogs - maybe you'd like to write one?
  • Student blogs - yeah, we definitely want to hear from our students!
  • Links to Facebook lives
  • Learning quizzes on a variety of topics.
  • Recipes. Probably for dog treats but really, who knows? 
  • Surveys to help you make better decisions about your dogs. For example, which health insurance for dogs is best anyway?
  • Random jokes, games and puzzles. Because what's life without a bit of humor?
  • Inspirational quotes.

Are you getting the idea? Anyway, the details have yet to be worked out, but we certainly hope you'll check back here frequently because we have plans. Big plans! We just don't know exactly how those will play out.

So like I said earlier, welcome! 

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