The Secret (reel) Life of Dogs: Free Roaming Dogs

Do you know what free-roaming dogs do all day? How do you think your own dog might interact with them? Marco Ojeda and Chrissi Schranz recently offered a free webinar on the subject — and we've shared it here for those who missed it live!

This presentation is in two parts: 

Part 1: The Secret (reel) Life of Dogs by Marco Ojeda

Dogs have roamed the earth for thousands of years.

All over the world, a free-roaming dog is considered a pest, a danger to natural ecosystems, of wildlife, a sanitary red flag in an urbanized world.

But... Have you ever thought of what their life is like then just being a "pest"?

Where do they sleep? Where do they go? How do they get food? Do they have a family & friends?

Come and join us in the Secret (reel) Life of Dogs

Part 2: Free Range Dogs by Chrissi Schranz 

Chrissi has traveled Thailand, Guatemala and Mexico with their dogs over the last three years, and learned a lot from the free-roaming dogs in these parts of the world. This webinar provides a glimpse at how Chrissi's own dogs navigate encounters with the free-roamers of Guatemala: who tends to get along? Is there a difference between moving through someone's territory versus meeting in neutral spaces? Do encounters look the same in urban and rural environments? What body language patterns can be observed? Are all dogs born socially savvy? Can dogs be bullies?

Rather than making an argument for or against a particular way of living with dogs, Chrissi will be showing you their way of doing things. You'll see a hands-off, off-leash way of moving through spaces - and find out that things usually go well, and even minor conflicts get settled without anyone getting hurt.

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