Clearing A Nosework Search Area: An Introduction

Picture this. You step the line and survey several thousand square feet that you have to search. You only have a matter of a few minutes and you have no idea how many hides there are. There could be a bunch, or there could be absolutely none. You know your dog is amazing and you want so much for all of that great training to result in a confident, successful, and complete search. 

This video is an introduction to a webinar series I've developed with you in mind.

Clearing areas of unknown number of hides while under time pressure and as efficiently as possible requires you to have excellent observation skills of BOTH your dog AND the search area. Watch the 12-minute intro video below, then head over to the webinar page to purchase the two-part presentation, where we will cover both in depth. While you can watch just one part, you will get a full picture with both. 

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