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6 years 6 months ago #123575 by Peggy Langdon
Staying at source was created by Peggy Langdon
What criteria should I have for staying at source? I get a definite nose touch right on the container or the tin. Then I usually have hovering above/near the container, maybe within a 3-4 inch radius, I also get the body being still with his head kind of over source, but he looks away. I think my criteria for second and third rewards at source might be too high at this point. I was waiting for head down and his nose held right on source. But maybe I should be rewarding when he's hovering over it but still within 3 to 4 inches. Don't reward ( Red light) the look away, but if he looks back, reward, and stays within that 3 to 4 inch radius, reward again (GreenLight) ? And do I continue to reward (green ligh) every 2 to 3 seconds if he stays within that 3 to 4 inch radius?
Or should I really be trying to get that nose right down on source? If so then I have to really shorten the duration to maybe only a second to try to get a second re-ward in a very brief amount of time or he'll pull back and do another nose touch.
Can you give me a little guidance on my criteria?

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6 years 6 months ago #123578 by Julie Symons
Replied by Julie Symons on topic Staying at source
Hi - I did not have as good as a view from the camera angle and wondered how close he was.

We do not want 3-4 inches away. Not looking for a look either - we want nose on source or the sense that he is close enough to sniff should be your criteria. Does not have to be a nose press. He will have to figure out what is reinforcing - so the less confusion and clearer criteria, the better.

I would agree with you to go back to reward a lot sooner - immediate or after 1 second.

I would also feed many, many, many treats in a row at source. That will build association to what he is smelling.

Can you send a video of this from an angle that I can really see his nose ?

Thanks - and great question!

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