calixtrackTracking is the competitive sport in which the dog is taught to follow the path of a human being and to locate and indicate articles that are dropped by that person along the way. Unlike most dog sports where the dog is directed to perform in a certain manner, in tracking, the dog is the expert from the beginning. The handler shapes the environment so that the dog is able to hone a skill he already genetically possess – the skill of scenting. One of the challenges of teaching tracking is to keep the handler out of the picture while allowing the track to do the teaching.

Through the School of Tracking, your dog will learn to develop the skills necessary to compete in AKC type tracking tests, even if you decide to just have fun tracking. Through a progressive, targeted tracking approach, our goal is for the dog to develop both intensity and accuracy. Intensity is necessary when the dog is required to solve complex scent pictures created by aging, changes of cover, and hard surfaces. Accuracy is necessary in order for the dog to successfully negotiate a track and locate multiple articles. Our goal is to teach in a manner that the dog learns to trust his nose regardless of additional clues. By training in this manner, the dog learns to work both confidently and independently of the handler.

The School of Tracking courses are suitable for dogs of all ages, although both dogs and handlers should be able to walk reasonably long distances and must be willing to work in inclement weather!

Foundation Courses

These courses will introduce you to the basic concepts in tracking. This will include equipment, scent theory, and the influence of the environment. They will also begin the process of article indication and letting the track teach the dog.

TR101: Foundation Tracking 1

  This class covers everything the handler needs to know to get organized and get started in tracking. We will discuss topics such as equipment preferences, other equipmen...

Lucy Newton (Faculty)

TR102: Foundation Tracking 2

  This course will continue to develop both drive and accuracy on foundation tracks. Our priority for this class will be to further develop the skills that the dog acqui...

Lucy Newton (Faculty)

Skill Building Courses

A continuation of the foundation courses, these skill building courses introduce your dog to turns, changes of cover, and increasing distance. 

TR201: Skill Building 1

Instructor: Lucy Newton This class will be a continuation of TR102. We will be focusing primarily on building upon the skills introduced in TR101 and 102 - increasing spacing...

Lucy Newton (Faculty)

TR202: Skill Building 2

Instructor: Lucy Newton This class will be a direct continuation of TR201. We will pick up where we left off in 201 in developing or polishing turns, increaseing distanc...

Lucy Newton (Faculty)

Advanced Courses

The advanced courses will help your dog become confident while solving challenging scent puzzles. 

TR301: Advanced Puzzles

Instructor: Lucy Newton In this class we will add fun and unique terrains and obstacles to further develop the dog’s confidence in working through tracking challenges. Thi...

Lucy Newton (Faculty)

TR302: Distractions and Contaminations

Instructor: Lucy Newton Fun and unique distractions and contamination challenges will to introduced to further develop the dog’s confidence in working through tracking cha...

Lucy Newton (Faculty)

TR310: Intro to VST: Hard Surface Tracking

  In this class, the handler and dog will be introduced to one of the specific challenges of VST tracking. The goal of this class is to begin to prepare the dog for the ...

Lucy Newton (Faculty)

TR401: Hard Surface Tracking 1

Instructor: Lucy Newton Course description coming soon.

Lucy Newton (Faculty)

TR402: Hard Surface Tracking 2

Instructor: Lucy Newton Course description coming soon.

Lucy Newton (Faculty)

IPO Tracking Courses

These courses offer training specific to the sport of IPO.

SH101: Introduction to IPO Tracking

This course introduces the team (handler and dog) to the basics of footstep tracking.  "Footstep tracking" refers to the style of tracking where the dog must show where e...

Shade Whitesel (Faculty)

SH201: IPO Tracking - Skillbuilding

 In Introduction to IPO Tracking, we taught the dogs how to follow the precise footsteps. Now, on to the fun part, following those footsteps to the articles! This course ...

Shade Whitesel (Faculty)