The below syllabus may be adjusted or added to.

Week 1

What have you got!  Baseline and Assessment

What do you want? Picturing your goal criteria

Two Pieces of the Puzzle: Precision from Dynamism

Physicality of heeling

Structure and Conditioning

Demands on the body

Assessing reinforcement value

Hand touches and V target

                Mechanics and Value

Week 2

Lift and driving from the rear

Weight shifts   - V

Jump for Joy (weight shift to rear) (hand touch jump to food or toy,  pop ups,)

Reinforcement strategies

Food bowling practice

Seeking Reinforcement - Dawn Jec’s Choose to Heel

Where’s your hot spot?

Platforms, Perches and other training aids

                Components of position

                Where’s your sweet spot?

Week 3

Attention/Eye contact games

Momentum and Collection

Out and Around/ Food bowling

Slide to side


Week 4

Removing platforms and maintaining criteria

Shape for position

Out and Around Fig 8s

Heel with me play with me

Get up and Go!

Quarter turn Spins

Week 5

Turn n Toss

Catch me if you can

Putting the pieces together!

Week 6:

Baseline review: How’s it looking? 

Assessing what you’ve got

Problem solving, where to focus and what’s the plan moving forward