I am not an FDSA student. How do I make an FDSA account to register for the conference?

When you register for the conference an account will automatically be created for you, if you don’t have one. After you register you will receive an email giving you a log in and a password. If you do NOT receive an email after you register, send a message to

I registered - now what happens?

You will receive an email confirmation shortly. Then, on the monday before the event, you will receive an email with additional information about the event. The night before the event you will receive another email with details for logging on with the presentation links to the day’s live presentations. Emails will come from – please add this to your address book to ensure our emails come through!

What is your refund policy?

We are not providing any full or partial refunds.  We’ve done everything possible to bring this conference to our community at low prices along with a scholarship option.  Refunds require extra staff time, banking fees, and create instability in our budgeting. So if you buy a ticket, thank you! You’ll be helping others as well as yourself.

What time are the presentations?

The conference will run from 9 am through 5 pm.  All presentations are scheduled in the Pacific Time Zone – make sure you convert to your local time so you don’t miss anything!  The easiest way to determine what that means in your time zone is to ask Google, “What time is it right now in San Francisco?” 

How do I get access to the live presentations?

Option 1: Check your email the day before! We will email everyone who registered for the conference the links to that day’s presentations.

Option 2: Log into your FDSA account. All the links will be available in the conference classroom found there!  Check under your current courses/workshops and follow the links.

Will closed captioning be available?

Yes! But…Our live streaming platform does not support closed captioning.  However, we believe accessibility is important; so the captioned presentation recordings will be available in your FDSA account library and we will release those videos in advance of each live session. Anyone who would like to take advantage of the closed captioning may do so in their library, and then join the live session for Q&A (however, since the platform does not offer a CC option, live Q&A will not be captioned).  We will caption and upload the recorded Q&A sessions after the event.

Are the presentations recorded?

Yes! The presentations are recorded (along with the Q&A) and will be placed in your library for a year (possibly longer, if you are an ongoing FDSA student).

Where are the presentations found after the event?

All students will have an FDSA course library created for them. To find your library:

Log in to your account (purple button in the upper right-hand corner).
Select “Course Library” from the options. Your library will remain active for one year. If you want your library to remain active after this time you can purchase additional workshops or classes with FDSA and that will renew your library for another year from the date of purchase.

Can I purchase the recordings after the conference is over?

No. The conference must be purchased before registration end.  Registration is available for purchase through to the end of the conference.

Can I purchase a ticket and share it?

No — we’ve worked hard to make the conference as affordable as possible, so we ask that each person registers individually.

Do you have any scholarships available?

If you’re struggling, we want to support you so please request a scholarship  The conference scholarship discount is $40 which will make the price $49.  The deadline for scholarship applications is the wednesday prior to the confererence date to allow for processing time.  Scholarships will open when registration opens and the link will be posted on the registration page along with exact deadline dates.

I’m not sure my internet is sufficient. Is there a way to test this in advance?

There is not a way to test it in advance, however live streaming events take a good deal of bandwidth. If you wish to watch the presentations live then you will need high-speed internet. If you still wish to participate but your internet is not sufficient for live streaming but is sufficient for video services such as Youtube or Vimeo, you’ll be able to watch the recordings from your library.

Are there any concerns about connectivity /internet reliability?

The following are real world possibilities:  A presenter is unable to get on and connect. An attendee cannot get on and connect. A presentation is interrupted or is unable to be completed. A Q&A session is interrupted or is unable to be completed. The entire webinar network goes down.  We have used this webinar software reliably for 3+ years and do not anticipate problems.  While we are taking all precautions to avoid internet challenges, we cannot control every possibility that could interrupt your experience. In all cases the presentations will be available in recorded form in your FDSA account so you will still be able to watch at a later time. While we deeply regret possible challenges, no refunds will be issued should they occur.

 Are CEUs available?

You may apply directly with your organization for your own CEU's for certification after the conference ends. Be aware that several organizations exist that offer/require CEU's and their expectations vary, which means that some may qualify and others may not. If CEU's are important to you then we strongly recommend that you confirm eligibility for CEU's BEFORE you register.  

Who do I contact if I need help with something that is not found here?

You may submit questions using our website CONTACT US FORM (Click here). Someone will get back to you as quickly as possible!

Alternatively, you can send an email directly to: