One-Day Online Conference on Nosework 

"Know the Nose" will take place on May 14th from 9am PT - 5pm PT, and you can join us from the comfort of your living room!
* as per usual if you cannot attend live the conference content will be available in your student library

Tickets $89 

This event has completed.   
Purchase of conference recordings will be available until noon Monday May 16th.



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Conference Schedule Details

ODS01: 9am - Notes for "Next Time" - Advocating for Yourself and Your Sensitive Dog

This presentation will focus on the skills needed to be a better advocate for your dog... and yourself! If you've found yourself in positions in training classes or at trials ...

Dresden Graff (Guest Presentations )

ODS02: 9am - Understanding Your Sensitive Dog

Sensitive dogs are not spoiled, they are precious beings that require gentle handling and above all else: understanding. Understanding your sensitive dog will give you the ri...

Barbara Lloyd (Guest Instructors)

ODS03: 11am - One Foot in Front of the Other - Movement Patterns to help the Sensitive Dog

Sensitive dogs tend to take things personally. They are not all pessimistic and not all reactive. But they are all hyper-aware of what’s going on and how it might affect them ...

Julie Daniels (Faculty)

ODS04: 11am - Mind Your Training: Mindset for Success With Sensitive Dogs

Living and working with sensitive dogs has many rewards, but can also be stressful, frustrating, and, at times, downright disheartening. Often, we can feel like we’re just no...

Helene Lawler (Faculty)

ODS05: 1pm - Panel Discussion - Training Plans for Sensitive Dogs with Denise Fenzi, Dresden Graff, Deb Jones & Barbara Lloyd

Join us as we explore how we can best set up training sessions and procedures to help our sensitive dogs for optimal learning!  

Various Instructors (Guest Presentations )

ODS06: 2pm - Competing Successfully With Your Sensitive Dog

Competing successfully with a “sensitive” dog can be challenging, it requires a handler to be able to be clear, calm, and focused through all training sessions, as well as hav...

Sharon Carroll (Faculty)

ODS07: 2pm - Emotional Caretaking for Sensitive Dogs

Stress can be an occasional factor for any of our dogs, even the most bold and brave, but for our sensitive dogs, reducing exposures to (dis)stressful events can make all the ...

Amy Cook, PhD (Faculty)

ODS08: 4pm - Panel Discussion - Should I Keep Going: Reconciling Competition Goals with Sharon Carroll, Amy Cook, Julie Daniels and Helene Lawler

Join us as we dig deep into the process of setting goals for both the handler and the dog.  How can we do that better to make our goals achievable and how can we work thr...

Various Instructors (Guest Presentations )


This event has completed.   
Purchase of conference recordings will be available until noon Monday May 16th.



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