One-Day Online Conference on Nosework 

"Know the Nose" will take place on May 14th from 9am PT - 5pm PT, and you can join us from the comfort of your living room!
* as per usual if you cannot attend live the conference content will be available in your student library

Tickets $89 

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Purchase of conference recordings will be available until noon Monday May 16th.



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Conference Schedule Details

ODS01: 9am - “You Want Me To Do What?” A Closer Look At Unexpected Expectations of Canine Caregivers

Imagine enjoying playtime with your dog on a hike to discover a slight limp in their gait. You glance at their paws and discover one is more swollen when compared to the other...

Laura Monaco Torelli (Guest Presentations )

ODS02: 9am - Using Enrichment to Survive Restricted Activity

When pets need to be kept under restricted activity for medical reasons, life can be difficult and stressful for both the animals and the people who care for them. But underst...

Emily Strong (Guest Presentations )

ODS03: 11am - My Dog is Injured, Now What?? Crate Rest & Behaviors to Facilitate Recovery

Everyone dreads hearing that their dog is injured. My clients are immediately filled with worry and questions. How are they going to keep their dog quiet? How will they manage...

Petra Ford (Faculty)

ODS04: 11am - All About Nails

This presentation will include a comprehensive view of nail care in dogs. This includes a discussion of the importance of regular nail maintenance, structural issues, and a ho...

Deborah Jones (Faculty)

ODS05: 1pm - Panel Discussion - Choice or No Choice with Deb Jones, Emily Strong, Laura Monaco Torelli & Becki Vander Weele

We hear so much about giving our dogs the power of choice!  Join us as we explore that concept as well as discuss how we can deal with those moments where we need to mana...

Various Instructors (Guest Presentations )

ODS06: 2pm - Keep Your Cool! How to Avoid Your Dog’s Veterinary Meltdown

It’s true! Very few dogs actually enjoy going to the veterinary hospital. Even with happy visits, great vet staff, and plentiful treats, many dogs melt down despite our best i...

Sophie Liu, DVM (Guest Presentations )

ODS07: 2pm - Cooperative Care: Training for Clinical Success

Bridging the gap between concept and skills training and "the real thing" in the veterinary setting can present numerous challenges. Learn the importance of clinically accurat...

Monique Feyrecilde (Guest Presentations )

ODS08: 4pm - Panel Discussion - Beyond the Vet Office with Monique Feyrecilde, Petra Ford, Sophie Liu, & Jennifer Summerfield

Join us for a lively panel discussion on how we can make the vet office the best experience possible as well as explore working with other complimentary dog care businesses.

Various Instructors (Guest Presentations )


This event has completed.   
Purchase of conference recordings will be available until noon Monday May 16th.



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