Fenway Detective Dog Novice-Classic

3 months 4 days ago - 3 months 4 days ago #938917 by Pam Coblyn
Fenway Detective Dog Novice-Classic was created by Pam Coblyn
It’s official—Fenway is a Detective Dog!
At our first ever big Nosework trial, Fen earned his US Canine Scent Sports Novice title in one day going 4/4 in all required searches: Container, Interior (found the hide is a lightning fast 7 seconds!), Vehicles and Exterior. He also got two 1st placements and 1 3rd. He is now Detective Dog Novice-Classic.
We entered Go the Distance game and Fen nailed his Q with me directing him behind a 30’ line—thanks to our agility and obedience distance verbals. What a Good Boi!
Even BIGGER NEWS! Fen earned HIT-Champion from the Novice A class. (We had to catch a ferry so we couldn’t stay for the big award but Lucky Dog Events is sending the big rosette).
I am certain Fenway was the oldest dog at the trial but my senior boy was as proficient, fast and focused as a pup. He was enthusiastically celebrated and admired by all the judges, too!
Many thanks to my Fenzi (FDSA) online Nosework instructors: Stacy Barnett, Julie Symons and Melissa Chandler. FDSA was my pandemic project!
PS: at nearly 14 Fen is still going strong and a complete delight.

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