512 Chelsey Protulipac

Chelsey is a successful dog sport competitor in variety of venues ranging from competitive obedience to French ring sport. She is passionate about finding practical solutions to training problems in both sport and life using smart applications of positive reinforcement.

Before diving head first into the world of +R dog sports, Chelsey spent 10 years teaching pet owners how to find harmony with their dogs in her community. Beginning with a wider toolbox, Chelsey found, time over time, that applied positive-reinforcement-based training was the most effective, efficient, and kindest route to building a joyful relationship between a dog and a human.

Chelsey lives with a variety of breeds and personalities, and currently shares her house with eight dogs, including retrievers, shepherds, and guardian breeds. She recognizes that different dogs have unique interests, needs and emotions (much like the humans at the other end of the leash), and that empathy and understanding are at the core of great leadership.