One-Day Online Conference on Nosework 

"Know the Nose" will take place on May 14th from 9am PT - 5pm PT, and you can join us from the comfort of your living room!
* as per usual if you cannot attend live the conference content will be available in your student library

Tickets $89 

This event has completed.   
Purchase of conference recordings will be available until noon Monday May 16th.



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Conference Schedule Details

ODS01: 9am - The Puppy Putty Perspective Problem

The Puppy Putty Perspective Problem - Exposing the Myth That “It’s All How You Raise Them” It’s a well-meaning lie that arose from good intentions - the idea that dogs a...

Kim Brophey (Guest Presentations )

ODS02: 9am - Toy Play for Puppies

Toy play isn't as easy as playing with your dog. In this presentation, we'll chat about ways to shape your puppy's toy play into an effective reinforcement option for training...

Sara Brueske (Faculty)

ODS03: 11am - Enjoy The Journey: Leash Walking Fun For Puppies & Their People

It’s a bit of a pickle isn’t it:  the fact that almost as soon as we get our new puppies home, we need to start taking them places on leash…. but we also know that solid ...

Erin Lynes (Faculty)

ODS04: 11am - Training on Their Timeline: Adjusting Your Training Plans and Expectations for the Puppy in Front of You

No two puppies are alike because no two situations are alike. What a puppy needs in my home may be different from what that same puppy needs in your home. In this presentation...

Megan Foster (Faculty)

ODS05: 1pm - Panel Discussion - Resilience: Nature versus Nurture with Barbara Lloyd, Erin Lynes, Julie Daniels, Kim Brophey

Join us as we explore the topic of resilence.  What is it, how much can we influence, how do we handle failure, what's normal, how do we handle challenging puppy behavior...

Various Instructors (Guest Presentations )

ODS06: 2pm - Training Puppies for Fitness and Skills – When to Start? What to Do?

Puppies are uniquely susceptible to certain injuries, and their effects can last a lifetime. Depending on their eventual adult size, puppies’ musculoskeletal and neurological ...

Chris Zink, DVM (Guest Presentations )

ODS07: 2pm - New Puppy? Let's Talk about Dog Interactions!

You’ve got your new family member all picked out! The trouble is, what do your current dogs think of the new arrival? Join me as I go over helpful tips and teachings to help ...

Shade Whitesel (Faculty)

ODS08: 4pm - Panel Discussion - Developing Your Working Relationship With Your Future Sports Star with Chris Zink, Megan Foster, Sara Brueske, Shade Whitesel

Join us as we dig deep into the process of developing a working relationship with your future sport star puppy!

Various Instructors (Guest Presentations )


This event has completed.   
Purchase of conference recordings will be available until noon Monday May 16th.



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