One-Day Online Conference on Nosework 

"Know the Nose" will take place on May 14th from 9am PT - 5pm PT, and you can join us from the comfort of your living room!
* as per usual if you cannot attend live the conference content will be available in your student library

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Purchase of conference recordings will be available until noon Monday May 16th.



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Conference Schedule Details

ODS01: 9am - "Is that Normal, Doc?" What to Expect when Expecting an Adolescent Dog

The adolescent dog undergoes an incredible change, from energy to sociability to hormonal changes and the brain. This time is often confusing and frustrating for owners becaus...

Sophie Liu, DVM (Guest Presentations )

ODS02: 9am - Navigating Prey Drive in Teenage Dogs

Adolescence is a development phase during which prey drive in young dogs often intensifies, potentially leading to challenges in their relationships with their people. This pr...

Tracey McLennan (Guest Presentations )

ODS03: 11am - Proactive Socialisation for Adolescent Dogs

Adolescence is a notoriously challenging time for two and four legged creatures ;) knowing how to navigate the ups and downs of the ‘terrible Teens’ is a crucial part of succe...

Kamal Fernandez (Faculty)

ODS04: 11am - How to Survive Adolescence and Still Like Your Dog

We all know how it goes: we get our precious new puppy, the most adorable one we've ever seen, and we have our plans made and our dreams set. And they're the perfect angel, co...

Amy Cook, PhD (Faculty)

ODS05: 1pm - Panel Discussion - Living With and Loving Your Adolescent Dog with Amy Cook, Erin Lynes, Kamal Fernandez & Tracey McLennan

Join us as we explore the highs and lows of living with and loving our adolescent dogs.  

Various Instructors (Guest Presentations )

ODS06: 2pm - Tailoring Training for Adolescent Brains

Our dogs transition through several phases across their lifetime; from a behavior perspective, adolescence is perhaps the phase with the most potential to cause disruption in ...

Sharon Carroll (Faculty)

ODS07: 2pm - Adolescence as a Critical Period for Developing Mental Flexibility

The adolescent brain is truly special! The adolescent dog has a learning base of life experiences, so they come to adolescence with opinions. But their brains are still truly ...

Julie Daniels (Faculty)

ODS08: 4pm - Panel Discussion - The Adolescent Dog in the Dog Sport World with Julie Daniels, Loretta Mueller, Megan Foster & Sharon Carroll

Join us as we dig deep into navigating the world of dog sport goals and expectations with an adolescent dog while supporting their developmental needs.

Various Instructors (Guest Presentations )


This event has completed.   
Purchase of conference recordings will be available until noon Monday May 16th.



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