Aleks Woodroffe (Bsc, CTMT, ACMT) is a Canine Bodyworker and Scent Work trainer in Phoenix, AZ...


Woman under a canopy at a dog event doing massage work on a small collie dog

Aleks Woodroffe (Bsc, CTMT, ACMT) is a Canine Bodyworker and Scent Work trainer in Phoenix, AZ. She received her Canine Massage Therapist Certification in 2016 (RMSAAM) after her current agility dog had a psoas injury and she was unable to find a canine massage practitioner in her area. After receiving her certification and working with many agility dogs, she also realized that learning as much as she could about canine fitness would help her clients not only heal from injury but help reduce the risk of being injured! She is currently finishing up her CCFT certification through Debbie Gross for canine fitness.

Aleks has worked with many local and nationally competitive teams, helping them maintain peak performance. She has also worked as a key member in a veterinarian-led team to help some amazing dogs rehabilitate from major injuries and back to competition in the national and international rings. She has had experience working with dogs that compete in agility, schutzhund/IGP, dock diving, conformation, field trials, nose work, obedience, and tracking, as well as with professional working detection dogs.

When not doing canine bodywork, Aleks is a busy nose work instructor, competitor, and AKC Scent Work judge. Her Flat Coated Retriever (FCR), Tana, is the first FCR to earn the Scent work Detective title and Scent work Master Elite 1 and 2 titles. They have earned multiple High in Trial designations at all levels of competition. Tana's success, especially as she is starting to age, is in part due to Aleks' constant work at keeping her in peak form through fitness and canine massage.

Current and Upcoming Classes

CC220: Massage for Canine Athletes

Learn how to care for your canine athlete while training, resting, or on the day of a big event. This class will focus on teaching you the skill of using your hands to work so...

December 1, 2024