One-to-One Lessons

Occasionally our instructors are available outside of scheduled classes to work with student directly.  Students will utilize our class forum structure to submit questions or videos for instructor feedback.  They purchase a one hour minimum of instructor time at a cost of $130.  The instructor will track all time spent reading submissions, viewing videos and responding to the student until the time is used.

Not all instructors participate in this program.   Availability will vary and instructors will have different expectations of what they want from their students (prerequisite classes and skills), and what topics they can handle.   Instructor response time is subject to their other commitments and will vary.

Your forum thread is not private. Others taking lessons will be able to see your thread, and you will see theirs.  You will have access to the forum for 90 days. Some instructors will require you to use up your time within 30 days.    We will not store your thread in a library but students may save their own thread.

There are no lectures.  The program is only available to existing FDSA students.   Students are encouraged to use this program as a follow up to classes to work through the materials.  Alternatively, students can use the program to work through subject matter that could benefit from the instructor area of expertise or to integrate teachings in preparation for competition.

Interested students should email to enquire if the instructor you want is currently taking students.

Please provide a basic explanation of the situation, an overview of what subjects you have studied already at FDSA, and she will let you know if there is an appropriate instructor match at that time.