School of Ringsports

The school of Ringsport will allow you to prepare your dog for all elements of both French and Mondioring competitions. Students of this school will be introduced to cutting edge and motivational training techniques in all phases of the sport.

Instructor: Forrest Micke

There are 3 primary relationships that exist within the protection-training program of the ring sport dog – Dog and Handler, Dog and Decoy, Handler and Decoy. Striking a balance between these relationships is critical for the progression of any team.

Often, the Dog/Decoy and Dog/Handler relationships are the quickest to go out of balance. This class serves as a troubleshooting platform for teams that are struggling to strike balance in their dog between working with the handler and attraction to the decoy.

Areas of focus in this class will include reward systems (frequency and type), leveraging bite and reward duration between decoy and handler, contrasting decoy ‘energy’, and breaking down exercises into smaller pieces to create maximum clarity for the dog. This class focuses heavily on videos submitted by gold level members as well as class discussion.

Instructor: Forrest Micke

The training decoy plays a crucial role in the development and education of the ring team within the protection phase of the sport. While the real education in decoy work comes from time and experience working different dogs of various skill levels, this series of classes aims at introducing students to important elements of the work.

Becoming the Training Decoy 1 (BTD1) focuses on familiarizing training decoys to common equipment and its uses, safety techniques, beginning footwork and stick work (away from the dog), as well as exploration into the mentality and persona of a skilled training decoy.