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Target Audience  

Persons interested in learning more on how to work on physical conditioning and exercise with dogs.  Participants may be involved in dog training, exercise, or for their knowledge only. If you are interested in expanding your knowledge on canine fitness and taking it to another level – this program is for you!  You may want to explore a different career and offer programs to clients, friends, or increase your ability to help your own dogs.  


Provide a comprehensive program for participants to have an understanding and be able to safely implement an exercise program for their own dogs and other dogs.  Participants will need to check their own regulatory guidelines by the state and country and are fully responsible for their own limitations.


  • All classes taught by Debbie Gross Torraca, DPT, MSPT, Diplomat ABPTS, CCRP
  • 4 Six week Classes with An Exam and Case Studies at the End
  • 4 classes will be offered through FDSA
  • Exam and Case Studies will be offered through Wizard of Paws at  an additional fee of $200.  This  price includes your plaque upon successful completion.    (free mailing within the US). 
  • Gold students will also have exclusive access to a Facebook group for Gold Members.   Most gold members from all classes are members of this group. 
  • If successful completion, will be awarded the Certified Professional Canine Fitness Trainer (CPCFT)
  • 15 -20 Golds per class, unlimited silver and bronze
  • Golds would be interactive with their questions, homework etc.  Regular homework and feedback will be a component of the class.  
  • Bronze and silvers can go on to take the program but will not be able to sit for the exam and submit cases.  Silver participants will have the opportuntiy to post questions and comments.  And bronze members will have the opportunity to learn from the class material as well as the forums. 


The cost for the series of all 4 classes is $949 for gold level, $449 for silver, and $199 for bronze. For an explanation of what each enrollment level offers, please see our FAQ.   The purchase price for the series must be paid in full during registration for the first class in the series (CC310).


CC310: Canine Fitness Trainer 1

  • Introduction
  • Safety and regulatory issues
  • Anatomy and physiology of the dog
  • Description of muscles and their activities
  • Structure and relation to activity
  • Goal setting

CC320: Canine Fitness Trainer 2

  • Strengthening and conditioning exercises
  • Balance and proprioception exercises
  • Endurance activities
  • Plyometric activities
  • How to decide what the dog needs?
  • Warning signs of problems

CC330: Canine Fitness Trainer 3

  • Recognizing weakness in the dog
  • Forelimb problems and what will work best
  • Hindlimb problems and what will work best
  • Spinal problems and what will work best
  • Weight issues – how to help with weight loss and weight gain
  • Gait analysis

Canine Fitness Trainer 4

  • Designing a program that will work for different dogs and clients
  • Not crossing the line of veterinarian care
  • Review of sports and working activities and their needs