What is a library pass and how do I get one?

Each student is automatically given a library pass for one year from the point of enrollment in a course (current or self study) or workshop (FDSA or PPP). When a course/workshop is completed the lectures and videos posted by the instructor will be moved to the "library" and can be viewed as long as your library pass is active. You can keep your library pass current by enrolling in at least one course/workshop a year. Alternatively, you can purchase a library pass for $50 per year for as long as you wish to have access to prior class materials. Please note that the forum portion of classes (where applicable) is not included in your library pass; that material is removed six weeks after class ends.

Please note that under very rare circumstances that are beyond the control of FSDA, it can happen that a class is removed from the library, or video links may end up broken. If this happens FDSA will not provide a refund or credit. When you sign up for a class, you are paying for the "live" version of the class, which includes the lecture materials, the forums, and the instructor feedback. The library is a courtesy which we provide, but which we do not take responsibility for. We strongly suggest taking courses when you have the time to work through the materials.

Webinars are a separate library system and will not work to renew your course/workshop library.


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