Welcome to Fenzi Dog Sports Academy!

Yay! -- you found it; the secret page for exceptional students - that’s you! Below is a look at all the awesome goodness you’re privy to now that you’re an FDSA alum! 

What Will You Find in Your Class?

Each classroom has three parts: the lectures, the homework forums, and the discussion forums. 

The lecture link: This is where your instructor posts those fantastic lectures and sample videos that you are waiting for with bated breath.

The homework forum: These forums are where the gold level students post their videos and interact with said crazy-good instructor.

The discussion forum: Here you’ll find supplemental videos, silver level activity and scintillating discussions of all types taking place. Scintillating, I tell you - so read them! 

Don’t underestimate the forums; a person of your sophistication and intelligence should suck every morsel of information out of your subscription.

Missed your morning coffee, stayed out too late last night, or just experiencing the effects of brilliant brain overload, and need extra help understanding the website? There’s a video for you!


Experiencing that OMG I signed up at gold or silver level and now what?!  Watch our short video for tips on how to use the forums.

What should you do after signing up?

Classes at FDSA start on the 1st day of the month of that session -- so for example, the October session starts October 1st, even though registration opens the previous month.   They run for six weeks.

But it is a FACT that exceptionally clever and driven individuals are not patient (we know we’re not!). So what is such a person to do when they are asked to wait? We have four things for you to do RIGHT NOW:

  1. Read the Welcome information from your instructor in your class forum!
    Hint: it’s in here, in addition to your welcome email, because it’s just that important!

  2. Subscribe to your class announcement thread
    Open this thread in your discussion forum and click the subscribe button in the upper left corner to get email notifications each time a new lecture is released! That will allow your impatient self to get instant gratification when new information is available. 

  3. Join us on Facebook (this is the awesome Fenzi clubhouse!)
    Imagine this: a group filled with the smartest, most interesting, friendly and glorious dog trainers from around the world! The FDSA Student Alumni group is full of excellent discussions about all things dog related in a positive, supportive environment. It’s for FDSA students only, so answer the two questions you will be asked when you click “join.” You will be added — practically instantly. You must not resist! Click here to join us!

  4. Check For A Student Discussion Group
    We get it. We’re pretty amazing, and you want more. While not FDSA-affiliated, these student-run discussion groups are great for extra assistance or support. To see if your class has a discussion group, go to the Facebook search bar and type in your class name like this: FDSA and then the letters and numbers with the exact title. An example would be: FDSA BH150 Management for Reactive Dogs. If it exists, it will pop up!

MOST Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Uh oh. Can I get a refund?

A: Oh no! We hope it’s nothing serious, but we know sometimes things happen. Please check our posted refund policy to see if you’re eligible for a refund: FAQ - Payments and Refunds.

Q: AH! I lost my username! How do I get into my account?

A: If you forget your username or password please email help@fenziacademy.com -- A well paid and trained hamster is available for just this possibility. If you try to enter the wrong information and do so a few times in a row, she starts chewing on wires and the system locks you out. Don’t let this happen to you! Just email us, and we’ll get you your info in no time.

Still need help? Check the Frequently Asked Questions page and if you still can’t find it, then email help@fenziacademy.com and one of our support hamsters will reply within 24 hours.