Jake Schneider

Jake started training dogs when he was a young child competing in AKC Conformation. Since then he has titled his personal dogs in AKC and UKC Conformation, AKC obedience, NACSW, and Mondioring. He has been the training director/trainer for dogs that titled to level 3 in Mondioring, French Ring, and IGP (Schutzhund).

Jake's love for dogs and dog sports goes beyond the competition field. He loves helping teams learn and grow in whatever sport they are wanting to play. Jake and his wife Jenny have been training people and their dogs for the past 15 years and love watching people bond and excel with their dogs.

Mondioring Decoy-
1. MR2 Decoy
2. Certified Decoy since 2010
3. Decoyed over 30 trials
4. 2012 National Decoy
5. Training decoy for 12 MR3 dogs
6. Training decoy for 2013 MR3 3rd place dog at Worlds
7. Training decoy for National MR3 champs 2011-2014
8. Training decoy for National MR3 2nd and 3rd place teams
9. Helped train 2020 MR1 2nd place National dog
10. Helped train the 2020 MR2 National Champion

Mondioring Handler-
1. 2 MR3 dogs (both before the age of 4)
2. 2nd place MR3 Nationals 2013
3. 2nd place MR3 Nationals 2014
4. 3rd place MR1 Nationals 2019
5. Competed at 2014 Worlds in Italy

Mondioring Judge-
- Certified Judge since 2018

Currently on Judge and Decoy Committees

Jake's personal website: http://www.ondogtrainingacademy.com