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March Live Workshops - Registration Opens February 22 

* Registration closes April 3 - 12pm (Noon) Pacific Time 

Workshops beginning Sunday, March 22

WP120: Social Interaction between Dogs and Humans

Every dog owner needs to be not only a proficient reader of dog body language, but a skilled communicator as well! Too often we have the dogs doing the “heavy lifting” in the ...

Amy Cook (Faculty)

WP840: The Developmental Stages of Puppies

Everyone knows puppies are cute. I mean, how much trouble can they be with such a cute face? People think they’ll train them to be clean and stop puppy-biting and then everyth...

Eve Laforest (PPP Instructors)


April Live Workshops - Registration Opens March 22 - 9:00am Pacific Time

* Registration closes April 30 - 12pm (Noon) Pacific Time 

Workshops beginning Sunday, March 29

WP420: Walk with Me! Leash Skills for Pet Dogs

This workshop introduces training-based, equipment-based, and movement-based approaches to leash walking. You will learn how to decide together with your client which method (...

Chrissi Schranz (Faculty)

WP710: Managing a Skills Class - Ways to Create Success in the Classroom

How you set up your classroom can have a huge impact on your ability to teach and your students’ ability to learn. It affects the dog’s coming into the classroom in terms of a...

Julie Flanery (Faculty)

Workshops beginning Sunday, April 5

WP470: Sits, Downs, and Stands - Oh My!

In this course, we’ll learn to teach dogs the basic positions of sit, down and stand. And we certainly don't want the dog hitting the ground and getting right back up, so we w...

Nicole Wiebusch (Faculty)

WP860: Bouncing Off the Walls: Dealing with High-Energy Dog Clients

When offering pet training services, a frequent scenario and source of frustration among clients is the case of the mismatched dog: the cute puppy who grew up to be way more d...

Chelsey Protulipac (PPP Instructors)

Workshops beginning Sunday, April 12

WP535: My Ball, My Food, My Space! Handling Resource Guarding

This workshop will give you skills for preventing and handling mild resource guarding cases. There are lots of ways families can manage resource guarding and safely and steadi...

Tania Lanfer (PPP Instructors)

WP865: Get Tricky! Tricks That Will Keep Them Coming Back for More

Tricks are becoming increasingly popular among dog owners. They offer a chance for continuation of the training and bonding process, give teams unique abilities to show off to...

Sara Brueske (Faculty)

Workshops beginning Sunday, April 19

WP460: Get on and Stay: Station Training Made Easy

Sitting on things may seem like a simple behavior, but teaching dogs to station can provide clients with some of the best options for alternative behaviors, quick management s...

Casey Coughlin (PPP Instructors)

WP845: Double Dog Manners: Tips for Working with Multiple Dogs at Once

This workshop will give trainers tips regarding how to work with multi-dog families with an emphasis that skills must be taught to each dog independently before they can be su...

Amanda Boyd (PPP Instructors)

Workshops beginning Sunday, April 26

WP230: Romping Rovers: Understanding Dog-Dog Play

 For many pet dog trainers, refereeing dog-dog play interactions is an important part of the job! Whether you’re teaching puppy classes, running a doggy daycare, or helpi...

Jennifer Summerfield, DVM (Guest Instructors)

WP540: Cars, Cats, and Kangaroos … DON’T CHASE THAT!!

What do the car-stalking border collie, the pup who terrorizes the family cat, and the critter-hunting hound have in common? Less than you’d think! The chasing issues you are ...

Chrissi Schranz (Faculty)