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December Workshops - Registration Opens November 22 - 9:00am Pacific Time

* Registration closes December 31 - 12pm (Noon) Pacific Time 

Workshops beginning Sunday, December 1

WP910: Running and Growing Your Dog Training Business

With your business now official, it’s time to start planning how to operate efficiently and successfully. We’ll cover how best to determine your service area, program offering...

Jamie & Michael Badial (PPP Instructors)

WP915: 7 Days to a Better Website

How good is your website really? In this workshop, we’ll look at best practices anyone can implement on any site to help boost performance, including copy (the words on your s...

Melissa Breau (Faculty)

WP920: Handling Difficult Communications with Clients

"I love dogs but their owners sometimes … Uugghhh!!! The problem isn’t their dog … it’s THEM!!!” As dog trainers, we take a lot of pride in how well we communicate with our f...

Eve Laforest (PPP Instructors)

Workshops beginning Sunday, December 8

WP150: The Power of YES: Consent in Pet Dogs

Class Description: What is consent, as it pertains to dog training? How do we teach our clients to both value consent, and fully embrace that there will be some no-choice mome...

Sarah Stremming (Faculty)

WP640: Puppies: Toys and Building Appropriate Play

Have you ever heard the saying that a tired dog is a good dog? It’s true! In this workshop, we’ll discuss proper toys and how to develop appropriate games for puppies and thei...

Sara Brueske (Faculty)

WP925: Helping Dogs Thrive: TTouch® & Other Useful Calming Techniques

This workshop will give an overview of areas to focus on when working with clients who have dogs they describe as "over the top," "hyper," "wound up," and any number of other ...

Lori Stevens (Faculty)

Workshops beginning Sunday, December 15

WP650: The Puppy Procedure: Creating Good Habits

In the previous workshop, we talked about how to set up puppies for success within the home. This workshop will continue to focus on puppies, taking a deeper look into how to ...

Sara Brueske (Faculty)

WP750: The Home-Field Advantage: Succeeding with Private Lessons

Few things come close to the behavioral impact of well-taught private sessions. Done right, they are incredibly rewarding for the clients and their dogs as well as for the tra...

Chrissi Schranz (Faculty)

WP930: Housetraining for the Hard Cases

Housetraining can be hard! We all want our dogs to learn, as quickly as possible, where they should go when nature calls. Sometimes this process goes fairly smoothly, and in o...

Deborah Jones (Faculty)

Workshops beginning Sunday, December 22

WP160: Seeing Dogs for Who They Are – Emotion, Cognition, Social Structure, and Evolution

The first step to being a dog trainer is understanding dogs for who they are, as a distinct species. Dogs spent thousands of years of history with humans, co-evolving with us,...

Amy Cook (Faculty)

WP240: Training Problem or Medical Issue? Red Flags for Veterinary Referral

As a pet dog trainer, you won’t just be teaching basic obedience skills – you’ll also be asked to help with a variety of so-called “problem behaviors” that your clients and th...

Jennifer Summerfield, DVM (Guest Instructors)

WP935: Next Level Training: Advancing Distractions

Your students have finished your foundation level class and want more! This workshop will cover concepts you can teach that are both fun to train and that will help your stude...

Chelsey Protulipac (PPP Instructors)