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 July Workshops - Registration Opens June 22 - 9:00am Pacific Time

* Registration closes July 31 - 12pm (Noon) Pacific Time 

Workshops beginning Sunday, July 7

WP300: Shaping, Capturing and Luring! Oh My! Ways to Get Behavior

Behavior is happening all the time. The key to training behavior is knowing how to create and recognize desirable behavior and then reinforce it so the dog wants to continue t...

Julie Flanery (Faculty)

WP400: “Come!” Relationship-Strengthening Recall Games

This workshop will provide you with a step-by-step training protocol for the kind of recall your clients are looking for – one that is effective at home, at the dog park, and ...

Chrissi Schranz (Faculty)

WP800: Matters of Marketing 101 for Pet Professionals

You understand the importance of having a plan when it comes to training a dog … but what about when it comes to marketing your business? If you own your own business and you...

Melissa Breau (Faculty)

Workshops beginning Sunday, July 14

WP200: Canine Communication – Reading Dog Body Language

When people ask me what they need to know to become a dog trainer, I tell them the most important thing is to learn to read canine body language accurately. The subtle things ...

Trish MacMillan (PPP Instructors)

WP600: The Perfect Puppy Class: Scheduling, Structure, and Skills

Okay, so you’re ready to offer your first puppy class – how exciting!  Working with puppies (and their people!) is one of the most fun and rewarding parts of being a pet ...

Jennifer Summerfield, DVM (Guest Instructors)

WP810: The Legal Aspects of Launching Your Business – The Basics

No matter how good a dog trainer you are, there are risks involved in running your own business. If you spend some time and effort to set your business up correctly, you will ...

Christina Schenk-Hargrove, Esq. (PPP Instructors)

Workshops beginning Sunday, July 21

WP210: Do You Speak Dog? Translating the Effects of Human Actions on Dog Behavior

In this workshop, you will learn how human behavior affects dog/human interactions. You will be introduced to strategies for coaching clients on approaching dogs safely and po...

Amanda Boyd (PPP Instructors)

WP320: Learning About Learning

Learning Objectives:   1. To introduce current and future pet dog instructors to the basic concepts of classical and operant conditioning. 2. To provide a refresher cou...

Deborah Jones (Faculty)

WP820: A Place for Everyone: Multi-Dog Households

Are two dogs (or more) double the fun? Having more than one dog can be a great joy as long as the dogs enjoy each other’s company and are easy to live with. However, having mu...

Chelsey Protulipac (PPP Instructors)

Workshops beginning Sunday, July 28

WP220: The Less-Obvious Signs of Stress: Beyond Body Language

All animals experience stress, and dogs are no exception. Knowing when a dog is feeling pressured, scared, upset, or anxious is an important part of being their caretaker and ...

Amy Cook (Faculty)

WP330: Management vs. Training: Choosing the Best Option for Your Client

Management and training go hand in hand in all quality animal training and behavior modification plans. Learn how to get early client buy-in by immediately reducing their dog'...

Casey Coughlin (PPP Instructors)

WP830: Social Media and Your Business: How to Use it to Grow Your Impact

The world is at our fingertips with our phones and people are looking to social media now more than ever to learn, to be entertained and for recommendations on which products ...

Jamie & Michael Badial (PPP Instructors)