Lori Stevens (she/her) (CPBC, CPDT-KA, CCFT, SAMP) is an animal behavior consultant, a professional dog trainer, a canine fitness trainer, an animal massage practitioner, and a senior Tellington TTouch® Training practitioner. 

Lori continually studies the interactions among animal behavior, movement, learning, fitness, and health. She uses intimidation-free, scientific, and innovative methods, in an educational environment, to improve the health, behavior, performance, and fitness of animals.

Lori's most recent of three DVDs By Tawzer Dog Videos is co-presented with Kathy Sdao and called 'The Gift of a Gray Muzzle: Active Care for Senior Dogs' -- it focuses on improving the life of our aging dogs. Lori teaches via online classes and webinars, gives workshops worldwide, and speaks at conferences (e.g. Clicker Expo). She is the creator of the Balance Harness® and lives in Seattle, WA.  

Lori gets joy from helping others help their dogs, whether for competition or daily life. She enjoys hiking, training, and playing with Cassie, her Australian shepherd.

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Pronouns: Lori goes by she/her.

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Student Testimonials

A sampling of what students have said about Lori ....

Thanks Lori, I found your lectures were nicely paced, super interesting and rounded. I've been inspired by your info to further research so I get a clearer idea on what's working & what's happening 'behind the scenes' when my girls are running & playing. Your videos showing technique & application were really helpful too - our massage time is now an integral part of bedtime & the girls love it all. Huge thanks for a great course. Chris W.               

Just wanted to give a huge, sincere Thank You to Lori for all her patience and assistance. I enjoyed this class tremendously and learned tons. I know I threw quite a few questions at you, and just wanted to thank you for how gracious you were with the deluge :) and always so very helpful. One of my favourite classes in a while (which is saying something with the quality of classes that FDSA offers!).           

Lori is such an incredibly compassionate trainer, in her interactions with both canine and human learners! Her lectures are clear, detailed, and easy to follow. Her feedback in the forums is thoughtful, kind and helpful. So glad she's part of the team :)Loved this class! What a great bonding experience. Initially I was worried about the mechanics of learning massage online, but Lori's feedback is so detailed and accurate I feel like we're really doing it! Looking forward to being able to use these skills throughout my dogs' lives moving forward. Thank you so much Lori!!       

Hello Lori, As always you are an amazing instructor. I was so appreciative that the different owners were so understanding / really took the time to wait and observe in those cases where their dogs were not ready to jump in. I learned a great deal and am continuing to practice these wonderful techniques with my own dog. Am eager to find a willing participant dog to work on all steps with. Thank you!           

This class is perfect for developing a fitness program you can maintain with your dog. Lori is great at breaking down the information, and teaching you how to train behaviors. I enrolled in the class because I struggled most with how to implement a fitness program, and Lori works with you step by step to create an achievable and balanced plan. Thank you so much Lori! I always enjoy your classes. Molly B         

Lori is an amazing and gifted teacher. She is skilled in how she offers the way we can change an exercise or movement, or opt for a different approach. Chewy’s strength has noticeably increased in 6 weeks, and we had fun. Lori’s gentle approach & care for these senior dogs is obvious and greatly appreciated.     

Lori and Denise, Thank you Lori for teaching this class. Thank you Denise for inviting Lori to Fenzi. What a class and what a robust curriculum. This class gets better and better each time I take it. My dog aged a great deal between last year and this year so it was really helpful. I find that people are loathe to speak about aging dogs. Younger people seem to want to speak about / adopt puppies. Lori--So hope to meet you at Clicker Expo. Hope to see you in Fitness in Five. There is so much LOVE in this class : )