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Dr. Lee Fox is a professor of psychological sciences, with a doctorate from Miami University in social psychology. Her career as an academician spans more than 30 years, with courses ranging from introductory psychology to upper-level psychology seminars across a range of topic areas. The enthusiasm that Lee brings to the classroom stems both from her love of psychology, as well as from her wish to help students make their dreams a reality. Working with people across the globe who are ready to make the transition from training their own animals, to teaching others how to be effective trainers, is a new and exciting challenge for her.

Lee has been fortunate to have enjoyed a lifetime of canine companionship, and during her adult life, those canines have been of the terrier variety! Training terriers has proven to be at least as challenging as teaching college students, but despite the challenges, Lee has enjoyed the experience of turning her dogs into better-behaved canine citizens. However, she cheerfully acknowledges a less than 100% success rate! Her current dogs are a pair of Airedale terriers, and while Joey and Eddie are not yet perfectly behaved pups, they nonetheless remain the light of Lee’s life.