Pro Trainer using BAT Techniques from class

6 years 5 months ago #45650 by Linda Bane
As a professional trainer, I've always had LOTS of clients calling for help with their leash aggression/ reactivity issues. After taking just the introductory-level BAT class and incorporating some of the ideas into my leash aggression training protocol, let me share the following conversation with one of my clients (who I have had only three sessions with):

Me: Sorry we have to reschedule today's lesson because of the's [DOG NAME] doing?"

Client: GREAT! It's just so amazing. Since we started this, he's just so CALM. He fell asleep in the car today! He always used to be so hypervigilent in the car. And we go on walks and he doesn't bark anymore."

Me: Well, that's good. So his barking isn't as bad? What percentage of the time do you think he's able to see a person and not bark at them?

Client: What? Never. He never barks at them anymore. He just looks at them and is like, Oh, a person. And then we keep going. And then I praise him. The walks are so much better. They're just so zen.

Me: Wow, that's great. I'm really glad to hear that. [Trying to keep the excitement out of my voice; two weeks ago this dog was literally screaming and uncontrollable when a person so much as dared to step into his sight.]

Thank you so much, Denise Fenzi Academy and Grisha Stewart!!!

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