FDSA 2016 Training Camp - "It's a Wrap!"


For all of you who came out to join us at Purina Farms, thank you so much!  

We loved meeting you and working with your dogs!  

We hope you will join us next year in beautiful Oregon, 45 minutes south of Portland!

Dates:  June 22nd - June 25th, 2017

Location:  Linn County Fairgrounds, Albany, OR

Instructors:  To be announced

Registration:  December, 2016


What did students say about this year's camp? The short answer is that they raved about it....Read a small sampling of their comments here!

This experience was the best Camp I've ever been to. I had so much fun meeting people I've only known online. The instructors were so kind and thoughtful. I've had negative experiences at seminars in the past. I had no anxiety at all about working my dogs in front of so many people. It really helped my confidence level, and my dogs had a blast! I love FDSA, will definitely be back! 

 FDSA Training Camp was amazing. So many great instructors, topics, people, and dogs. If you get a chance to go to one in the future, do it. You will be so happy you went. I know I am. 

I loved this camp. Firstly, there was a smorgasbord of great instructors and classes. Secondly, the participants were fantastic. Many are very accomplished handlers and trainers themselves.They all were very kind, encouraging, and helpful. I learned a lot in my working spots, but I learned as much or more from watching others in their working spots. I'm looking forward to my next opportunity to participate in a Fenzi Dog Training Camp.  

Excellent use of time and money!! Every instructor tailored their concepts to the correct level for each team. It was very valuable to watch the working teams whether I had a working spot in that session or not. My dog is young and still green and she handled everything like a pro and had lots of fun! I came away with so many ideas and can't wait to implement them and start rippling!

It is one of the best training experiences I have had. The quality and knowledge of the instructors is outstanding and there is something for everyone, whether you are a backyard handler or looking to compete. It is an eye opening experience in terms of the ease and opportunities to provide positive training and handling skills for our dogs.

It was an encouraging and supportive environment for learning and for watching others working with their dogs. There were all levels of handlers and owners, and it was a wonderful experience to watch the instructors work so skillfully and positively with the participants. They also fielded questions professionally and accurately, and had an eye for detail. By the time any of the handlers walked away with dogs in working spots, everyone I spoke with was so thrilled the specific information they received, and felt validated and encouraged to continue their training with their dogs. Overall, it was a terrific camp and experience.

A simply incredible experience. Not only because of the incredible qualifications of the instructors, but also because of the support of the attendees. In every lab I attended, the auditors clapped at the end of each person's exercise. As a working participant, I cannot say how much that support meant. Plus there was the confidence before stepping into the ring that regardless of what happened with your dog, not one instructor there would let you fail. I don't know of any other dog training seminar/camp that ensures that happens.

There is nothing like attending a seminar like this to inspire you to bring out the best in your dog and yourself! Nothing short of amazing, I walked away wondering if I could live up to the expectations brought upon myself by seeing the incredible dog and handler teams in attendance. Great people, great dogs, and amazing, dedicated, patient and inspiring instructors! Thank you to all!

I was a volunteer at Camp 2016 and I feel like I learned so much - the environment is one of constant support, and working with the other volunteers was a joy. When camp was over I couldn't decide if i was more excited to get home to begin to implement all I'd learned or sad that it was all coming to an end. I'm already looking forward to next year!

I knew FDSA camp would be a motivating experience, but the positive energy generated by this gathering of brilliant, like-minded people was unbelievable... I left excited, engaged, full of challenges and solutions... I am loving the chance to share this R+ training journey with my pups!

It was my 1st time to camp & I was nervous. I was by myself, as a novice trainer/handler with a novice dog & this was the biggest event my dog has ever worked in. When i described the camp to a friend i said " it was so uplifting. Supportive people, amazing learning experience, the trainers really took the time to help you but also to be a part of the camp. "

I have never been to a dog event or seminar that came close to this level of camaraderie. Every one is supportive of every handler and dog. Instructors are approachable rock stars. Every session I attended add more insight into training my own dogs. I came home with a long list of skills and nuggets of truth to build into my relationship with my dogs. Worth every penny and every second of lost sleep.

Overall, a great experience! Love the emphasis on caring about people as well as dogs.

FDSA was a wonderful experience. I think that the attitudes, training methods and emphasis on kindness and relationship with our dogs is so very important. Any person with a dog could benefit from learning how to treat their dog with affection and respect during training, and the importance just multiplies as we ask our dogs to be more than just pets. The best part is while you are learning, you are surrounded by people who are learning with you, who want to be better pet owners and better trainers. It's great to see that there are many people with the same vision and passion for this type of life with our dogs. Kuddos FDSA Team! You are exactly what we need in the dog training world. Keep up the AWESOME work!

One of the highlights of my year is being with trainers who share my belief in the importance of listening to the dog, caring about his or her emotional and physical well-being, and putting the relationship and the journey first, above any ribbons, awards and titles. It doesn't hurt that the instructors are top notch trainers with tons of super training ideas :-)

You could tell that FDSA's 2016 Training Camp was a very well thought out, organized effort. What else would expect from people that are always looking at parts! A variety of classes were offered making you wish you could be in two places at the same time. It was energetic, positive, exceptional kind and left you wanting more. Kudo's to the instuctors and everyone else for such a wonderful experience. Great Job FDSA!

I totally enjoyed this camp. It was stress free for me and my dog. There was so much information given, it will take some time to process it all.The instructors were happy to talk to me when I introduced myself. Even if I had never met them, they were all approachable. Thank you, Denise Fenzi for inspiring us all to make a change in our training which then impacts the outside world. A Ripple. 

I have attended many, many, seminars, conferences, both large and small and FDSA Training Camp far exceeds my expectations. The community that FDSA has created is absolutely one of the most supportive, positive, and creative group of people I have met. Thank you for all that you are bringing to the dog training world.

The dog handlers were impressive - it is obvious the Fenzi method works! Firest seminar I have attended in over 25 years in which the dog's needs were put first while working in the ring - kudos to the instructors. Truly respectful and sensitive to the needs of anxious or reactive dogs in setting up the environment and lab execution.

What I love about FDSA Camp is how the instructors are so generous with their time and knowledge. Inside the conference and outside during down time they make themselves available and answer questions, give feedback, and genuinely seem eager to help.

FDSA Camp is the most amazing experience. No matter where you are in your journey the instructors support and encourage you. The other participants are friendly, the atmosphere is light and fun. People give you and your dog space moving and in the crating area. I have NEVER attended a multi-day conference where EVERYONE including the instructors and the head of the organization are so concerned with everyone's emotional state and keeping the experience positive for all in attendance. Volunteers are also TOP NOTCH!

Outstanding instruction in very useful positive training techniques with a large variety of breeds. It is very enjoyable to be in such a positive setting with so many positive people as well as dogs who were so excited and happy about learning various competition skills.


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