FDSA is launching its brand new program, Pet Dog Training Online, an educational video series for dog owners!

The program includes 20+ videos on key aspects of owning and living with dogs to help dog lovers improve their relationship and lives with their furry companions.

The new program will launch in late October 2020 — if you'd like to be sure you don't miss the news, sign up for the email list below! 

Included in the program are the following videos (descriptions and packages coming soon!)

  • Is Your Dog Sensitive to Noises? How to Treat Noise Phobia in Dogs by Amy Cook, PhD
  • Living with & Training a Reactive Dog by Amy Cook, PhD
  • How to Quiet a Barking Dog by Amy Cook, PhD
  • Dealing with a High Energy Dog by Chelsey Protulipac
  • Living with Multiple Dogs: Management skills by Chelsey Protulipac
  • How to Teach Your Dog to Come: Reliable Recall Training by Chrissi Schranz
  • Don't Chase That! Stop Your Dog from Chasing cars, cats and other critters by Chrissi Schranz
  • Cooperative Care: How to Prepare Your Dog for Visits to the Vet & Groomer by Deb Jones, PhD
  • How to House Train Your Dog: Plans and Problem Solving by Deb Jones, PhD
  • Is your dog scared? How to help fearful dogs by Jennifer "Dr. Jen" Summerfield, DVM
  • The Dog Park Dog: Pros and Cons of Dog Parks for Your Dog by Jennifer "Dr. Jen" Summerfield, DVM
  • Building Puppy Confidence: Give Your Puppy the Gift of Optimism by Julie Daniels
  • Stop Resource Guarding in Dogs: How to Prevent & Treat It by Michael Shikashio
  • Get Your Dog to Stop Jumping On People: Teaching Polite Greetings by Nicole Wiebusch
  • Sit, Down, Stay: Basic Obedience for the Pet Dog by Nicole Wiebusch
  • Adopt an Adult Dog: From Prep to Family Member by Sara Brueske
  • Dog on the go: Take your public pooch out and about by Sara Brueske
  • Preparing for new puppy: From Prep to Family Member by Sara Brueske
  • Enrichment for Dogs: Ditch the Bowl, Better Their Life! by Sarah Stremming
  • Crate Training Dogs: Happy Crating for Life by Sarah Stremming
  • Teenage Dogs: From Maddening to Maturity by Suzanne Clothier
  • New Baby and Dog? Help for New and Expectant Parents by Tania Lanfer
  • Dog Separation Anxiety Solutions: Top 10 Key Elements by Malena DeMartini
  • Socializing a New Puppy: Prepare Your Dog for Life by Laura VanArendonk Baugh
  • Teach Your Dog to Play: Developing Play Skills for Relationship, Focus, and Fun! by Kamal Fernandez
  • Hop up Pup! Intro to Parkour for Dogs that want to do more by Barbara Lloyd
  • Stop Leash Pulling: Multiple Methods to Loose Leash Walking by Heather Lawson
  • My dog is aggressive! Or is this play? by Michael Badial