Instructor: Amy Cook

In addition to having a strong theoretical basis for understanding shy or fearful dogs and how to support them, it's also important to learn how to correctly apply the techniques discussed in our fundamentals class - with your dog!

This class will teach you how to work with your fearful dog directly, and is ideal for students who wish to go beyond a theoretical understanding of behavior modification. Gold level students will videotape their dog's behavior under different circumstances, and will receive specific feedback on how to work with their dog to help them become more confident, and overcome their fears. If you wish to compete in performance events with your shy dog, this is a critical first step to working through the myriad issues that you will face along the way, and it will give you skills you can apply to new challenges!

Here is your chance to apply the techniques of desensitization, counter-conditioning, and threshold management in a controlled manner and under expert guidance!