This course has been discontinued at FDSA

Get ready for a real truffle hunt!  It’s no coincidence that we scheduled this course for December because  December is truffle season here in the Pacific Northwest and also in Europe. It’s time to get out there in the field!

This class will transition your truffle hunting skills into the forest to reliably scout out the culinary delights!  You will learn to work in tandem with your dog to negotiate a variety of environmental factors when locating the underground treasures.  We will guide you step-by-step to successfully transition you and your dog, as a team, to finding real truffles in the wild. We will do this by introducing you and your dog to large and complex open area searches. We will then progresses to buried hides in a forest, proofing for distraction, searching negative space, and solidifying alerts for precision in the field. The class also includes games and exercises to strengthen your bond with your canine and boost confidence.