Sarah has been working with dogs in the realms of performance training and behavior solutions for over a decade. She currently operates online through her business, The Cognitive Canine. Her special area of interest has long been helping dog owners address behavioral concerns in their competition dogs. Reactivity, anxiety, aggression, and problems with arousal are all major concerns for many competitors, and there is nothing Sarah loves more than helping her clients overcome these issues and succeed in their chosen arena. She has competed in agility and obedience for the past 15 years with her border collies.

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BH300: Worked Up! Understand, assess, and soothe arousal in sport dogs

This class is all about dogs that are over-stressed, over-aroused, over-adrenalized, and just plain over the top. Help your dog give his true performance in the ring by helpin...

August 1, 2019

FE135: Shaping Demystified

Does shaping feel hard, intimidating, or just not for you and your dog? Are you constantly in awe of what others can achieve through shaping? Great news! Shaping should neithe...

August 1, 2019

BH305: The Whole Picture - Behavioral Wellness for Performance Dogs

Based on Sarah's concept, The Four Steps to Behavioral Wellness, this course digs deeper into what our dogs really need. The Four Steps are: exercise, enrichment, nutrition, a...

October 1, 2019

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FDSA is thrilled to welcome Sarah Stremming as a new instructor beginning February, 2017.